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08, Jan 2016 | Fashion  

Winter wonderland at Christian Louboutin window store

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French department store Printemps has gone out for its 150th anniversary and Christian Louboutin is participating in their celebrations! The shoe label’s Boulevard Haussmann store have recreated a lovely winter wonderland in their windows with dancing dolls.
Winter wonderland at Christian Louboutin window store
Each doll was created in the brand’s Paris atelier and represents a different era and style of dance. Dance lovers will spot references to both dances and dancers including Josephine Baker at the Folies Bergère and feather-clad cabaret dancers in thigh-high stiletto heels.
Winter wonderland at Christian Louboutin window store Josephine-Baker
The scene includes onlookers including two gossiping old women clutching miniature Paloma handbags. Wintry white Loubiville forms the backdrop to this magical performance. The dolls got the star treatment from start to finish.
Winter wonderland at Christian Louboutin window store
The entire process of creating them from start to finish took several months and Christian Louboutin himself kept a watchful eye on them throughout the process. From meetings with the creative team to conceptualize costumes to picking out colors and materials from a range of swatches to sketching and having each tiny shoe last created from scratch, the process was exactly the same as the creation of shoes for a custom order. Each doll even underwent a number of fittings!
Our favorite shoemaker is a regular at putting on a fantastic window display!
What do you think of this winter inspiration? Christian Louboutin is one of Circu’s inspirations  and it is an unbelievable versatile brand that work in different fields.
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