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19, May 2019 | Inspirations  

Luxury Furniture Brands – Fashion TV Visited Covet House

Luxury Furniture Brands – Fashion TV Visited Covet House ⇒ For decades,  Fashion TV has been the number one Network in the thematic world of fashion and luxury. Since it covers anything from High-End Fashion to stunning High-End Luxury Decor Power-Houses, it’s no surprise to see at this top channel a promo about Covet House, a luxury representant of some of the top brands in the luxury world like Boca do LoboPullCastMaison Valentina or Circu..


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The video above showcases all of the stunning products that are available and shown at Salone del Mobile 2019 and those products are shown to us in a context of elegance, fashion, and luxury! What better place to showcase this type of amazing products then Fashion TV?



That was the thought that led Covet House to create this Promo Video that was recorded during Salone del Mobile 2019.  This video fully embodies the high craftsmanship and luxury design statements of all the brands that both  Covet House and Circu represents. It’s hard to stay indifferent to this showcase video that presents us just a taste of the elegance and quality of what the brands showed us at Salone del Mobile and what they have to offer to their clients.



We say it again, a stunning video with great pieces of design furniture that elevate craftsmanship and that can fit just about any type of decor style. That’s why Covet House is, indeed, a place of Curated Design and that’s why they are the most powerful tool to inspire and boost creativity



SInce ICFF is coming, why don’t you stop by Covet NYC, Covet House’s top Showroom in New York, and see many of the products showcased on the video above life? Book a Meeting!



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