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26, Nov 2020 | Girl Rooms,Interior Design  

5 Girls Bedroom Ideas to Inspire you Today

5 Girls Bedroom Ideas to Inspire you Today


Looking for girls’ bedroom ideas? A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary from the outside world as she grows up. Putting together a cohesive, creative and practical scheme for a girls’ bedroom is no mean feat. The key is to introduce flexible and accessible storage, colourful accents, and one or two striking elements for a look that can evolve as your little girl grows up. Picking the right furniture pieces can help you create not only the bedroom of her dreams but also something that helps her grown her personality.


Bright Wall Colours



Without a doubt there is a very strong chance you’re daughter will long for nothing more than a bright pink bedroom. Pick a vibrant coral or blush shade that will satisfying her pink craving but hopefully lasts into her teen years.


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Cloud Vanity Console


It’s original cloud-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make little girls feel like true princesses living in a fairytale. It will highlight even more the beauty of your baby girl and increase their imagination.



A fun Featured Wall



This is the sort of wallpaper and scheme that will grow with your daughter as she becomes a young woman. The playful forest-like print on the wallpaper will work when your daughter is still dreaming about helping Snow White cook with the seven dwarfs, to when she is a teenager listening to pop music. All this room needs to make this leap is simply a change of decor and substituting the toys for something more teen-like.


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Cloud Sofa


Inspired by Pixar’s short-film, this sofa has a cloud-shaped form and its the perfect item for any bedroom and any other division. This piece is both beautiful and comfortable. Every detail of this piece brings a touch of magic to any room and creates an illusion and sensation of levity in anyone who tries it.


Get the Perfect Bed Time Story Corner



A good armchair can turn the bedtime story into something you can both really enjoy. The comfort provided by the right armchair allows you both to cuddle up and dream about the fantasy lands on her favourite stories.


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Dainty Armchair


Meet the Perfect Armchair For Your Kids Bedroom Decor

Dainty is a real-life figure of elegance and beautifulness. After you see it you will never unsee this delicate and carefully handmade armchair especially drawn for the little ones. With its velvet upholstery combined with it’s round and adorable shapes, the Dainty Armchair will be your kid’s new favourite spot.


Clever Storage



Girls come with a lot of stuff, so fitting as much storage into the space as you can is essential. Build shelves in alcoves with flat, sliding doors to conceal what lurks behind. Shelves behind the bed double as a bedside table and provide room for books and all her stuff. If it’s time for a new bed, buy a divan with storage drawers under it.


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Puzzled Bookcase

Inspired by geometric spaces and with the drive and passion to create a piece where kids can explore their imagination and allow the dreams to get out of the box, we create the Puzzled Bookcase where every piece of their dreams has now a place to come to life.

Just like a puzzle, this magical bookcase will adapt itself to your project design so you can enjoy fullest the space of your room without comprising the style of your decor.


Pick a Decor she can Grow up Into



She may have grown out of the pink fairy look, but that doesn’t mean your daughter is ready for boring beige. Give her scheme a touch of grown-up glamour with weathered wood furniture and Scandi-style accessories.


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Bubble Gum Bed


Kids Bedroom Ideas - How To Use the New Bubblegum Bed


With its curved shapes combined with LED features, this playful bed is going to be the standout piece you need for a dreamy and funky design. Featuring various storage compartments in modules, you can choose the storage parts you want so that it can best adapt to your room project and space without compromising style.


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