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13, Jun 2024 | Interior Design  

5 Ideas To Design The Perfect Bedroom For Teenagers

5 Ideas To Design The Perfect Bedroom For Teenagers

5 Ideas To Design The Perfect Bedroom For Teenagers


A bedroom for teenagers is quite magical – it is often their first opportunity to express their personal style independently. Encourage your teen to choose a color palette and theme that reflects their personality. Whether it’s vibrant and bold or calm and minimalist, allowing them to have a say in the design process will make the space feel uniquely theirs. Take as needed for inspiration with Circu Magical Furniture!



Spaceship Retreat



Cloud Bed

Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make the Cloud Bed whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. Every detail was made thinking about the comfort and well-being of children. Bedtime stories and magical dreams are a certainty in this piece. With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.


Smooth Neutral




Nodo Suspension Chair



Nodo Suspension Chair will give you the comfort you never thought you needed. With its velvet upholstery and stainless steel, this whimsical hanging chair will add to your home just the right amount of style and elegance. This chair will bring you the warmth and comfort found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom from its floating sensation.



Blue Serenity




Mr. Bunny Bed


Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Bunny Bed promises to take your little one into a fantasy land where he/she can explore their wildest dreams while being fascinated by the beauty of nature. The Bunny Bed will be your kid’s favorite spot and a best friend for life that will bring comfort and joy.



Flower Power




Cloud Lamp


The Cloud Lamp is made from an innovative material, created by Circu, designed in several layers and fine coating with a fire retardant. Inside, it has a light and sound system that is controlled by a mobile app (light) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. The Cloud Lamp has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by Bluetooth.


Land of Coziness




Tristen Bed

Inspired by the movie Atlantics, this one-of-a-kind bed was made to shape comfort and to keep your little one’s dreams safe and sound while he/she travels through their imagination at night. Made with the finest materials such as wood and soft velvet, the Tristen Bed is a kingdom ready to take a place in your bedroom project and your kid’s life.


Stay tuned for more bedroom for teenagers‘ inspiration!



6 Magical Ideas For Kids’ Rooms In 2024


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6 Magical Ideas For Kids' Rooms In 2024