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5 Kids’ Bedroom Designs That Prove Dreams Can Become Reality

5 Kids' Bedroom Designs That Prove Dreams Can Become Reality

5 Kids' Bedroom Designs That Prove Dreams Can Become Reality


Every child dreams of a world filled with enchantment and adventure. These kids’ bedroom designs are the perfect way to transform your little prince/princess’ ordinary living space into a magical escape. With a touch of creativity and imagination, Circu Magical Furniture creates a captivating realm where your little one’s dreams come to life. Now let’s spark a sense of wonder in your child!





Mushroom Pendant Lamp



“One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter”, said the Caterpillar to Alice as it crawled away in the grass. “Come, my head’s free at last!”, said Alice in a tone of delight. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s adventures, the Mushroom Pendant Lamp will add a touch of magic to a child’s bedroom and inspire them to grow to be the best they can be.




Nodo Suspension Chair






Nodo Suspension Chair will give you the comfort you never thought you needed. With its velvet upholstery and stainless steel, this whimsical hanging chair will add to your home just the right amount of style and elegance. This chair will bring you the warmth and comfort found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom from its floating sensation.




Sky One Plane Bed

The Sky One Plane is an airplane-themed kids’ bed with a playful design that it’s both didactic and fun. An airplane-inspired decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the little explorers to develop their creativity. The body is entirely made of fiberglass with glossy varnish applied and chrome plated finishes in the engine and wheels. The decorative suitcases include secret storage compartments and allow easy access to the bed. The Sky One Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible.





Bunny Floor Mirror




Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Bunny Mirror is the perfect piece to add cuteness and embellish any kid’s bedroom. In front of it, the Bunny Mirror promises to take your little one into a fantasy land where he/she can explore their wildest dreams while being fascinated by the beauty of nature.




Tristen Bed


Inspired by the movie Atlantics, the Tristen Bed was made to shape comfort and to keep your little one’s dreams safe and sound while he/she travels through their imagination at night. Made with the finest materials such as wood and soft velvet, the Tristen Bed is a kingdom ready to take a place in your bedroom project and your kid’s life.


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