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5 Kids’ Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023

5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


Looking for a child-friendly makeover? Circu Magical Furniture brings you kids’ bedroom trends you should try in 2023. The bedrooms of our children are magical spaces where we read them bedtime stories, play with them, and help them with their homework. We want 2023 to be a wonderful year full of new design experiences and we will take you on a journey where you will feel the magic around and see the world and interior design with new eyes, full of unlimited options.


#1 – Playroom Inside A Bedroom


5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


Imagine an amusement park. Now, imagine an amusement park for kids. Lastly, imagine that park inside a room and specially made for kids – that’s a playroom. With the new season coming up, playing outdoors can be a challenge but, with Circu Magical Furniture, not anymore.



Dolly Playhouse

Dolly Playhouse is a luxury kid bed specially made to ensure that kids have the ultimate fun in their bedrooms. Inspired by the infamous dollhouses, the Dolly Playhouse bed is a modern version of a kid’s playhouse, specially made for little ones who want their own little house adventure and have a full space to themselves. This luxury kids’ playhouse was brought to life with a bit of magic combined with modern design and almost real-life size measures to make it as realistic as possible. Besides being a playground, it’s also a bed, that’s situated in the middle of the house. Around it, your little one will have stairs to help him/her reach the top and also a slide! How fun is that? And of course, we did not forget one of the most important aspects: storage that is located in the outside part of the stairs.


#2 – Make It Interactive


5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


The secret to giving children their own personal haven is designing a space that is both enjoyable and practical. Interactive decor, such as glow-in-the-dark bedding they may enjoy after the lights go out or lighting designs with sound systems, is another significant trend to be on the lookout for in 2023.



Cloud Suspension Lamp


The Cloud Lamp is made from an innovative material, created by Circu, designed in several layers and fine coating with a fire retardant. Inside, a light and sound system are controlled by a mobile app (light) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. Cloud has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by Bluetooth. You can choose the music you want to play on your smartphone. The app has also a sleep assistant.



#3 – Homework In Style


5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


Who told you studying is boring? We believe a kids’ study area should bring the best furniture for children and transform the space into a magical environment, where the youngsters can give a pair of wings to their imagination. Welcome to a world made of unique experiences and cheerful atmospheres – may your kid be the dreamer of dreams.



Cloud Desk

The Cloud Desk is the ideal item for a magical-inspired bedroom. Its original cloud-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make homework feel like a magical adventure. The curved shapes of the desk will highlight even more the beauty of your kid’s room and increase their imagination. With its compartments, this desk will provide the perfect storage for all of your kid’s materials.



#4 – Gender-neutral Furniture


5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


You don’t have to surround your child with gender stereotypes. Most people nowadays search for gender-neutral friendly furniture as the solution for their nursery or kids’ bedrooms. It allows more space for the kids’ imagination to flow and allows the parents to decorate the room in coordination with the kids’ personalities as they grow up.



Dino Bed

The Dino Bed was inspired by Dino, the adored mascot from the acclaimed TV Show The Flinstones. This bed has got a unique shape and design that was made to create a safe place for the little ones to rest and feel loved and secure during the nighttime. Made with wood and velvet, the Dino Bed is the perfect piece for any bedroom project and promises to take care of children like a true member of the family.


#5 – Bring The Outdoors Inside


5 Kids' Bedroom Trends You Should Try In 2023


By bringing the outside inside, nature-inspired spaces are a part of the wellness-focused interior design style that will be even more popular in 2023. Our interior design has a strong impact on how we feel, and the next year is all about coziness, elegance, and vibrancy. Let the greenery radiate life all around you.



Vixey Bed

Inspired by Disney’s 1981 classic The Fox and the Hound, the Vixey Bed is a fun, soft and comfortable kids’ bed. An essential piece for any little adventurer or young zoologist, a bed full of personality and presence. The head of the fox, serves as a headboard, fully upholstered in soft dreamy velvet, the same fabric used in both the body and tail of the fox. To recreate the true appearance of the fox, both the whiskers and the end of the tail are made with soft long faux fur. The perfect bed for a perfect dreamful sleep.


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