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05, Jun 2024 | Interior Design  

7 Kids’ Bedroom Ideas Even Parents Will Love

7 Kids' Bedroom Ideas Even Parents Will Love


Designing a kid’s bedroom that both parents and children will love involves creativity, practicality, and a touch of personalization. By incorporating these ideas, you can create a space that is fun, functional, and adaptable, ensuring it remains a beloved haven for years to come. In need of a little inspiration? Stay tuned with Circu Magical Furniture!



Jurassic Bedroom




Dino Bed

The Dino Bed was inspired by Dino, the adored mascot from the acclaimed TV Show The Flinstones. This bed has got a unique shape and a design that was made to create a safe place for the little ones to rest and feel loved and secure during the nighttime. Made with wood and velvet, the Dino Bed is the perfect piece for any bedroom project and promises to take care of children like a true member of the family.


Pink Bunnyland




Cloud Lamp



The Cloud Lamp is made from an innovative material, created by Circu, designed in several layers and fine coating with a fire retardant. Inside, it has a light and sound system that is controlled by a mobile app (light) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. The Cloud Lamp has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by Bluetooth.



Magical Fox Embrace




Little Cloud Nightstand

The Little Cloud Nightstand is a kids’ furniture product inspired by Pixar’s Short film “Partly Cloudy” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, this nightstand resembles clouds and portrays children’s imagination. It features 2 drawers and the decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage. It has a custom-made buckle that resembles the spirit of adventure.


Only Princesses Allowed




Bun Van Bed

The Bun Van Bed is a complete bedroom set for a children’s space. Inspired by the iconic 60’s camper van Fillmore from the Disney movie “Cars”, this unique kids’ bed will bring a total experience of fun and play to the children’s rooms. The exterior is produced in fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes and the inside is made of palisander wood veneer, containing several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a desk, a mini bar, and a sofa.


Little Child, Big Sky




Fantasy Air 3 Drawers Chest

The Fantasy Air Chest is a kids’ chest of drawers inspired by the Disney movie “Up” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, the Fantasy Air Chest is inspired by vintage travel suitcases to reinforce the connection between children and exploring. It features 3 drawers and the decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage. Built-in wood, lacquered in glossy white, with details in synthetic leather and gold-plated finishes.



Pastel Color Bliss




Nodo Suspension Chair



Nodo Suspension Chair will give you the comfort you never thought you needed. With its velvet upholstery and stainless steel, this whimsical hanging chair will add to your home just the right amount of style and elegance. This chair will bring you the warmth and comfort found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom from its floating sensation.


Astral Paradise




Cloud Bed

Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make the Cloud Bed whimsical and a perfect item for any bedroom. Every detail was made thinking about the comfort and well-being of children. Bedtime stories and magical dreams are a certainty in this piece. With this bed, your little one will feel like he is up in the clouds.


Which of these kids’ bedroom ideas is your favorite?



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