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06, Feb 2024 | Interior Design  

A Contemporary Kids’ Bedroom Where Imagination Has No Limit

A Contemporary Kids' Bedroom Where Imagination Has No Limit

A Contemporary Kids' Bedroom Where Imagination Has No Limit


Circu Magical Furniture is all about a powerful desire to go beyond standard aesthetics, to shape new languages, to create new stories and to find yourself in the center of it all. This contemporary kids’ bedroom focuses on texture and color to create a captivating gender-neutral aesthetic that will leave no one indifferent… your child included! Add a little charm from Circu Magical Furniture and the result is a big smile on your kids’ faces!




Any child with touch skies and the clouds in this dreamy, magical bedroom. Heavily inspired by dreams, where no goal is too far to reach, but still a very exquisite and powerful aesthetic. Cloud Bed is the perfect little refuge for a peaceful and calm sleep, where all the other elements will take the talk to another far-away and otherworldly adventure, like the Cloud Bench or the Cloud Nightstand.



Cloud Bed

Cloud Nightstand

Cloud Bench





Imagine a reading corner that transports children to a world of dreams and creativity – one inspired by the vast sky and fluffy clouds. Such a space can not only stimulate young minds but also make learning a delightful and imaginative experience. It all gets easier with the Cloud Vanity Console, the Cloud Lamp, the Bird Stool and the Nodo Suspension Chair.



Cloud Vanity Console

Cloud Lamp





Nodo Suspension Chair







Designing a contemporary kids’ bedroom inspired by the sky and clouds transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. From cloud-covered walls to celestial ceilings, each element contributes to a magical environment that encourages creativity and sweet dreams. By immersing your child in this celestial haven, you’re not only creating a beautiful and unique space but also fostering a sense of wonder that will accompany them as they drift off to sleep each night.




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