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09, Jan 2024 | Interior Design  

A Kids’ Bedroom Where Flying Dreams Come True

A Kids' Bedroom Where Flying Dreams Come True


What if all the tales of magical lamps and light bulbs, fairies and pixie dust children hear and believe growing up did actually come true? What if enchanted realms existed and it only took one whimsical lamp and a few simple wishes to get there? That’s what we’re about to discover within the details of this special kids’ bedroom designed by Pascale Hakimeh for Circu Magical Furniture.



A Kids' Bedroom Where Flying Dreams Come True


With Circu’s magical pieces, Hakimeh created the most captivating little kids’ room of all, one worthy of being narrated about in all fairytales yet to come. The adventure started when once upon a time, two twins received a very special gift in the shape of a unique lamp and discovered that a small pink fairy with the ability to fulfill any and every wish they could have ever dreamed of, lived in between the lights of the lamp. It all started with the Fantasy Air Balloon Crib.



Fantasy Air Balloon Crib







In the enchanting realm above the clouds, a child’s bedroom becomes a haven of magic, imagination, and limitless possibilities. This whimsical retreat invites young dreamers to explore the skies, learn about the wonders of the world, and embark on adventures fueled by their creativity. As children drift off to sleep amidst the clouds, they are not just in a bedroom but in a sanctuary where dreams take flight and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.



Gold Toy Box


Pixie Chair


Magical Mirror




What do you think about our kids’ bedroom above the clouds?



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