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09, Jan 2024 | Interior Design  

A Pre-historical Fable In Our Dinosaur Bedroom

A Pre-historical Fable In Our Dinosaur Bedroom

A Pre-historical Fable In Our Dinosaur Bedroom


Fauna and flora have been for ages a major inspiration for kids. The little ones get fascinated by the looks, colors, sounds and smells of remarkable creatures. Even though they’ve never seen one in real life, Circu Magical Furniture believes that dinosaurs play an important role during his childhood. Their ginormous size and scary bodies inspire this pre-historical fable, where kids are the mighty explorers, in a world ruled by these (not so) gentle giants. Welcome to our Dinosaur Bedroom!




The adventurous prehistoric quest starts with Dino Bed. Inspired by the adored mascot from the Flinstones TV show, this is a safe place for the little ones to rest, feel love, and secure during the nighttime dreams. A green color palette is a clear fundamental step when dealing with a theme like this one. Besides adding that early-century colonial vibe to the decor, it also provides an Indiana Jones-like feeling once kids enter the room, ranging from moss green to other darker and pastel hues.



Dino Bed




Raw wood and vintage toys are also quite important. There are some cool drawers to display all the little dinosaur toys and exploring gear, just like Cloud Shelf or Minelli Bookcase, both easily adaptable to any bedroom or reading corner design, with the rejuvenating company of Lotus Armchair. In the black and white study area, Illusion Table and Periwinkle Suspension Lamp stand out as great homework partners, for a comfy and productive school time.



Cloud Shelf

Minelli Bookcase





Lotus Armchair

Periwinkle Suspension Lamp








Looking back in time can mean rediscovery, and reinvention. With Circu, the child’s room should reflect current trends, without ever forgetting the timelessness of the past to extend comfort, fun, but also knowledge, so important for the growth of the youngest ones. A true daring journey into the Jurassic World in our Dinosaur Bedroom.



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