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28, May 2021 | Interior Design  

Alexander Batenkov is one of Russia’s Best Interior Designers

Alexander Batenkov is one of Russia’s Best Interior Designers

Alexander Batenkov is an incredibly accomplished designer, who excels in pretty much every interior design field


Alexander Batenkov is an Interior design practitioner with over 19 years of experience. He has, under his belt, more than 1000 completed projects with geography around the world. Of those 1000, more than 100 of them were realized on a turnkey basis under personal control.




Alexander Batenkov Studio does interior design for those who do not want to waste time and want to entrust everything to one hand: from project development to construction, procurement of materials and quality control.



Do you have a vision of what it is – your future ideal interior for life? Alexander Batenkov Studio will realize what you dream of. For more than 1000 projects in the portfolio, the studio has more than enough experience that enables them to create a unique space, following your wishes and guidelines. 



The kids bedrooms they create are unique. The modern classic signature of their creations allows children to grow up in a stylish environment while complementing the style of the whole home. This, always complemented with a sense of youthfulness and fantasy, create some incredible kids’ settings.



Furthermore, the studio suggests a ready-made design, the client needs to run around the shops and find what is drawn in the pictures on his own. They make such a detailed selection log for each project so that clients do not need to look for anything.


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