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07, Nov 2023 | Interior Design  

Annual Sale: When Our Rugs For Kids Get Even More Magical

Spring Sale Or How Our Rugs For Kids Get Even More Magical

Annual Sale: When Our Rugs For Kids Get Even More Magical


The change of the seasons is a great opportunity to mix up the style and ambiance of your home, even when it comes to kids’ spaces. Get ready to explore every corner of your kids’ projects for an even warmer atmosphere on these colder days. Circu brings you a magical selection of rugs for kids that are fit to be the main character in his/her bedroom!



Upside Down

Sometimes there are things that get better if we look at them from a different perspective. The Upside Down Rug was inspired by kids who love to think out of the box and use different shades of earth tones. Different is the new normal and it’s a whole other level of fun.







Moon Rug is the ideal piece for your little astronaut or adventurous kid’s room. It can be used as his spot for fun and play and also brings a warm decoration to the space. Designed by Circu, this printed rug has a tufted cut pile and is made of polyamide.




Give your kid’s bedroom to design a warm and comfortable feeling with Circu’s Cloud Rug. Every little boy or girl dreams about their wonderland and this rug is the ultimate decor piece to complete such a magical place. Cloud Rug is made of artificial sheep wool, acrylic, and polyester.





Sky Rug is the ideal product for your little pilot’s bedroom. Walking above the clouds is not impossible with a little imagination and also the coolest rug! This rug is perfect to give a cozy environment to your kid’s room. The Sky is the limit! This printed rug inspired by a cloudy sky has a tufted cut pile and it’s made of polyamide.



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