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24, Jun 2022 | Interior Design  

Bedroom Design Inspirations Showcased At Milan Design Week

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspirations

Showcased At Milan Design Week

iSaloni 22 it’s over, but there is a lot to tell you about this year’s edition of this incredible Milan Furniture Fair! Today, let’s put our focus on the Best Bedroom Design Inspirations that were present at Milan Design Week. Keep reading!





Bedroom Design Inspirations

Circu Magical Furniture

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Circu

Circu was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to live their own fantasies and create a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit. With our hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces made in Portugal with the finest materials, we deliver only the highest quality furnishings that turn children’s dreams into reality! From airplane beds, and rockets armchairs to a crib inspired by a hot air balloon, our pieces create moments and experiences between children’s real-world and their fantasies.

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Vixey Bed


Inspired by Disney’s 1981 classic “The Fox and the Hound”, the Vixey Bed is a fun, soft, and comfortable kids’ bed. An essential piece for any little adventurer or young zoologist, a bed full of personality and presence. The head of the fox, serves as a headboard, fully upholstered in soft dreamy velvet, the same fabric used in both the body and tail of the fox. To recreate the true appearance of the fox, both the whiskers and end of the tail are made with a soft long faux fur. The perfect bed for a perfect dreamful sleep.

Little Cloud Nightstand


Little Cloud Nightstand is a kids’ furniture product inspired by Pixar’s Short film “Partly Cloudy” and it is the perfect storage item for dreamy bedroom decoration. With a creative and playful design, this nightstand resembles clouds and portrays children’s imagination.

Bubble Gum Big Mirror


The Bubble Gum Big Mirror is the accessory you need to embellish any children’s bedroom. With its elegant design inspired by the fun shapes of the kid’s favorite candies, this luxury wall mirror will add playfulness to any project.


Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Giorgetti

Giorgetti continues to give structure to its living universe by presenting its creative vision through an increasingly articulated collection tailored to fulfill diverse demands, with the same tenacity and passion that has always defined it.

Versatile products with an unmistakable personality, sophisticated but never conventional, that celebrate Giorgetti’s passion for detail and continuous search for excellence through sartorial attention to workmanship and the very high quality of the materials selected, the common thread running through all the collections, in a perfect balance between craftsmanship and the use of the most advanced production technologies.

Adora Interiors

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Adora Interiors

Adora Interiors is a young brand that breathes new life into historic structures, thanks to the company’s passion for the Italian luxury furniture history. Adora Interiors are the result of Arredoclassic’s experience and join the other collections of this historic brand, offering a fresh take on Italian design: contemporary elegance to inspire luxury interiors.

Adora Interiors takes Arredoclassic’s expertise in designing furniture in the Italian classic style and reinterprets it with a strong understanding of the Baroque and the perfection of Renaissance geometry. A synthesizing vision for new spaces that models new forms.


Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Alchymia

ALCHYMIA is a forward-thinking company whose ideology, summed up by the word ornamentation, is based on continuous research and improvement of tradition, manual skills, and quality.

Alchymia presents vast and spectacular creative walls with the VERTYCALIA collection, where many sensations collide to create something new, ranging from classic subjects to abstract and eclectic taste, up to the always intriguing flower embellishments.


Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Minotti

Minotti is an Italian company recognized internationally as “Made in Italy” excellence in the contemporary furniture design sector and ambassador of a classic-modern lifestyle in the residential and hospitality segments.

Bugatti Home

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Bugatti Home

The new Bugatti Home Collection honors the shared ideals of “craftsmanship, creativity, and design,” and is unmistakably influenced by the contours of high-end French sports cars.

Furniture has always played an important role in Bugatti’s history, as Carlo Bugatti, the company’s founder, was an interior designer who passed on his skills to his sons. Each piece in the collection bears the signatures of the two designers, Carlo Colombo and Toan Nguyen, and reflects performance, technology, and elegance, all of which are characteristics of the legendary brand.

Carpanese Home Italia

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By Carpanese Home Italia

Every piece in Carpanese Home Italia collection is handcrafted in Italy by masters of the craft with one purpose in mind: to stand out. They don’t just offer furniture; they sell a way of life. Carpanese Home Italia chose to create a comprehensive package by producing not just furniture but also lights, boiserie, wallpaper, carpets, and doors.

CPRN Homood

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design Inspiration By CPRN Homood

Cprn Homood’s furniture collection was created by a team of highly skilled designers and technicians to bring to life a full concept brand that can create a real home lifestyle (from which our name “Homood” derives), producing not only furniture but also lighting, carpets, accessories, home fragrances, outdoor furniture, and a fully customizable bedding collection.


Hope you liked these bedroom design inspirations!

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