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20, Apr 2022 | Interior Design  

Bond Interiors: Enriching The Designs With The Best Insights

Bond Interiors

Bond Interiors:

Enriching The Designs With The Best Insights

Bond Interiors is a firm that believes that interior designers make up the world of interior design and that by keeping this in mind, they can bring in additional viewpoints from people in the sector to improve the information and insights provided. Circu Blog is here to help you learn more about this incredible studio.





Bond Interiors That Exude Exquisiteness

Bond Interiors

Since its inception in 1986, Saad has been a member of Bond Interiors. As a result, he has served as the company’s Managing Director for the past 35 years. Bond Interiors began by providing the finest possible fit-out experience for their clients, accommodating modifications along the route, and ensuring that the project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

It began as a small interior maintenance company and has grown to become one of the largest high-end interior design firms in the UAE, with over 2000 workers. Most significantly, their vision has remained constant.

The necessity of environmental stewardship is becoming increasingly recognized in society. As a result, more people are interested in incorporating sustainability ideas into their homes. The fact that Bond Interiors considers this and incorporates this value into the firm is fantastic.

Bond Interiors Is Always Evolving In Each And Every Design

There is also a worry about not wasting food by producing useless leftovers. All of the surplus materials from their own productions, such as glass, are recycled and then collected by a recycling firm. Furthermore, because the workplace is so close to the workers’ homes, they only have to walk across the street to come to work. They do not need to use transportation, such as cars, to get to and from work, therefore the concept of sustainability enters the equation once more, albeit in a more indirect way.

Isn’t Bond Interiors’ attention to detail admirable? This is a fantastic example and encouragement for more corporations to consider human and environmental concerns in addition to financial and profit considerations. After all, it’s all about people at the end of the day!


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