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24, Jul 2022 | Interior Design  

Bookcase Design: Luxury Furniture Pieces For Your Home

Bookcase Design

Bookcase Design:

Luxury Furniture Pieces For Your Home

Did you need a new bookcase for your home? Here you find the best Bookcase Design with a luxury modern design! Keep reading!





Minelli Bookcase

Bookcase Design

It’s a bookcase design that definitely calls attention in the best way, providing elegance and space with its lacquered and glass shelves, as well as a whole structure built-in nickel polished brass. Ready to be enchanted by Minelli Bookcase?

Fantasy Air Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Fantasy Air Bookcase is a kids’ furniture piece inspired by the Disney movie “Up” and it is the perfect kid’s storage item for a dreamy bedroom. With a creative design inspired by vintage travel suitcases, this kids’ bookcase design will reinforce the connection between children and exploring.

Puzzled Bookcase / Desk

Bookcase Design

Puzzled Bookcase is the perfect luxury furniture piece to add to any children’s bedroom and study area. This bookcase design is also a desk, which makes it the perfect piece to enjoy to the fullest the space of your room without comprising the style of your decor.

Lallan Bookcase

Bookcase Design

The Lowlands of Scotland are called Lallans, also designating the integration, blending, and combination of some Scottish dialects. The Lallan Bookcase combines two different materials and finishes black lacquer and polished brass. This modern bookcase design will bring fierce harmony and elegance to your modern interior design.

Baraka Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Baraka is an ancient Sufi word that means ”a blessing – the breath of life -, or essence of life” from which the evolutionary process unfolds. The Baraka Bookcase has the main body structure in matte walnut root veneer covered with nature-inspired brass details; the base is in matte vintage brass and the interior of the drawers is covered in bird’s eye wood veneer. Charismatic by its never-ending contrasts between timeless and contemporary lines, this modern contemporary bookcase design is the ideal choice for your modern interiors.

Carrera Bookcase

Bookcase Design

The massive marble deposits on the border of General Carrera Lake have been eroded away by the water over 6,200 years, resulting in caves, tunnels, and massive columns of pure marble. The Carrera Bookcase serves as an homage to this natural, beautiful phenomenon. Extensive utility compartments in dark walnut veneer over a Patagonia marble top, finishing in an exquisite modern metal champagne structure.

Algerone Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Inspired by architectural elements, the towering Algerone Bookcase is bound to add a sense of modern glamour to any home office space. Its sleek structure is enhanced by a series of exquisite finishes, including Statuario marble and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer which seamlessly match the polished brass detailing found throughout.

Caffeine Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Caffeine is one of the biggest components of coffee: strong, exotic, full-bodied, and delicate. Caffeine Bookcase is the ideal piece for your modern and contemporary living room, providing elegance and space with its walnut root veneer matte and bronze matte finishes. This bookcase design has modular feet that adapt quickly to any room.

Coleccionista Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Coleccionista Bookcase drawers’ typology can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences. You may even be inspired by all Boca do Lobo pieces to choose different types of drawers. This bookcase design can be placed against a wall or it can serve as a separator division. The drawers have double-sided in the order you can decorate both divisions, as well as to ensure the functionality of this piece of furniture.

Mulligan Bookcase

Bookcase Design

Mulligan Bookcase is a sleek mid-century modern bookcase design. Built around a gold plated brass structure, holding glossy black poplar doors and drawers, accentuated by contemporary stylish brass handles and smoked glass shelves.


Hope you liked these kids’ bedroom inspirations!

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