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30, Nov 2020 | Interior Design  

5 Boys Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You Today

5 Boys Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You Today


Your little man is growing up. His interests are changing, and so are his needs. If you haven’t updated his space since his nursery days, chances are, your son’s room could use an upgrade. Wondering where to start? The best way to create a room your little boy will love is to zero in on his passions. Start with the things he loves, add a healthy dose of fun, and leave plenty of room to grow.


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This fun-filled attic space, designed by the Polish architectural firm, Razoo and spotted on the architectural design site, Aranzacje, is perfect for the action-loving boy who just can’t keep still! There’s a swing, a climbing rope, and a rope ladder leading to a suspended hammock. A sturdy wooden desk with a net frame backing doubles as a soccer goal and comfy bean bag chairs offer extra seating that can be easily pushed out of the way when the game begins.



plane-themed bedroom is always a good option to choose if you have a more adventurous boy. With this plane bed, your kids can dream of conquering the skies and look from above towards their wildest dreams.



Give your little guy’s room a colour boost with this fun and easy wall treatment. A gallon of paint and some masking tape is all it takes to recreate this playful space featured on Hibou Homes. Starting roughly two-thirds up the wall, use tape to create a dramatic, mountain-like divider line. Then paint the area below the line in a bold shade, leaving the last third of the wall white.



This playful space, created by Anita Roll, makes math and science extra fun! The chalkboard paint walls, featuring adorable scientific doodles, add the perfect touch. Don’t forget to leave one wall free for your little Einstein to scribble his own scientific diagrams and mathematical formulas!



Part bunk bed and part play structure, this attractive and imaginative built-in, spotted on My Home Project, is all fun. Don’t have the budget for a built-in bed? Turn a second-hand bunk bed into a copycat design by nailing plywood directly to the bed frame. (Just be sure the bed is properly anchored first.)



Taking the understated approach, this Star-Wars-inspired boy’s room, created by Mallory and Savannah of Classy Clutter, is the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, incorporating timeless movie quotes, favorite characters, and cool collectibles into a clean, bright, contemporary design that this little Jedi is sure to love for years to come.


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