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12, Ago 2022 | Interior Design  

Cabinet Handles: Give A New Look To Your Home With These New Products

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Handles:

Give A New Look To Your Home With These New Products

Details are really in every decor project, that what makes every space be unique and special! And, is a great way of giving magical details to a space with cabinet handles, and Pullcast is the perfect brand to find the best ones! Just check these new products!





Bunny Handle

Cabinet Handles

Bunny Handle is a pure delight! Hop hop hopping to make the perfect design! Made with impeccable style, this piece will uplift any cabinet, this handle is part of the Kids Collection.

Daisy Handle

Cabinet Handles

Daisy Handle is cute as a flower, with a delicate design that will make you stop and dream. Daisies represent true love, friendship, and cheerfulness, and just like that this fresh cabinet handle will make you smile.

Big Rocket Handle

Cabinet Handles

Make your way to galaxies and stars, with the Rocket Handle. When in the dark, this whimsical piece lights up, propelling neon colors that will allow for spectacular lighting effects.

Baruka Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Rather complementary to kitchen cabinetry, the Baruka Drawer Handle is based on Japanese culture, paying homage to the country’s crafting techniques and traditions. In its essence, Baruka conveys a simple form with wave-rippled effects. Baruka also has reflective traits courtesy of its shimmering brass silhouette. An architectural decorative item that strikingly compliments neutral designs.

Limb Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

For the design of the Limb Cabinet Hardware, the inspiration was the image of a white sand beach with an array of tree branches, grown in solid soil and brought out to us by the strength of the blue sea. Driven by the natural cycles we shaped limb mid-size door pull, a piece of a collection of luxury cabinet handles, unique branches made to impress, and a drawer handle for beautiful compositions in your contemporary designs.

Quantum Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

The Quantum Door Pull offers mid-century flair at its finest hence being distinctively inspired by the atomic age design. It showcases a vertical gold plated tube with a round atomic motif in both extremities, enhanced in marble.

Tiffany Marble Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Jewelry has been inspiring humankind for centuries. Made with cast polished brass handles and marble, Tiffany furniture handles resemble the perfect shapes and purity of those who last forever. This Cabinet Hardware full of elegance and refinement will adorn your designs.

Skyline Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like this Skyline Luxury Cabinet Hardware, creates a silhouette when set in context. Mix and match your designs with the Skyline brass cabinet handle.

Urchin Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Inspired by the striking beauty of the small, globular sea animals found across the ocean floors, the Urchin is a delicate and majestic range of furniture drawer handles with a noble texture. A fine cabinet hardware addition to cabinets and sideboards, enabling the arrangement of a sculptural scheme for your furniture designs.

Pebble Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

The inspiration rises from the shingle beaches, where pebble is abundant. This Pebble Drawer Handle is smooth but with an irregular texture, portraying the strength of the ocean and the marks of contact with other rocks when wounded in the waves. An authentic cabinet hardware complement for your cupboard, cabinet, and sideboard, enabling a perfect mix and match of design complements.

Atlas Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Atlas is a cabinet handle where you can read the diversity and complexity of a metropolis, cities that are created by everybody to everybody. Embark on a journey with our door hardware and engage with our Atlas cabinet hardware, transposing to your furniture designs like sideboards, cupboards, and cabinets, a noble and rich scheme.

Macri Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

Macri Cabinet Hardware takes after the beautiful textures of nature. Mimicking the patterns of a tree that grows tall, aiming to the sky, this cabinet handle has textured lines that will provide delicate features to your interior design.

Linckia Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles

The sea is a place where wondrous, fascinating and magnificent creates of amazing design, assure the beauty of deep waters. Inspired by the vastness of starfishes, Linckia Cabinet Hardware is a range of graceful and luxury furniture drawer handles entitled to create a sculptural scheme in your furniture designs.


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