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30, Apr 2020 | Interior Design  

Carrie Livingston is one Of USA’s Finest Interior Designers

Carrie Livingston is one Of USA’s Finest Interior Designers 


Since a very young age, Carrie Livingstone knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grows up: design beautiful spaces. Her first project? Carrie’s youth bedroom. The money the young designer-to-be made by babysitting was more than enough to revamp her bedroom, and new design talent has emerged.


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A few years have gone by and Carrie moved to New York, where her career took a major impulse, as she worked for Ralph Lauren Home for 8 years. There, the designer obtained a much valuable experience, as she worked on incredible projects such as the Double RL Ranch, the Ralph Lauren Airstream and the Jamaica House, just to name very few of her accomplished career at the American House.



Like that, her sophisticated design signature was born – a tasteful miasma of classic and modern elements, complemented with her love for vintage elements she finds and her passion for art. It was later in 2004 that the designer took the leap her career longed for: the opening of Carrie Livingston Design firm in New York City. Ever since then, Carrie has opened an additional office in London and, to complement her wide bouquet of services, Carrie launched a luxurious furniture line which takes her projects to a whole new level.



“To me, good design is a collaboration of location, feeling and time,” noted Livingston. “I take each project as a unique opportunity to do something impactful and unexpected but in an accessible and livable way.” – Carrie Livingston



The designer now runs her design firm from her Beverly Hills and London offices, as well as she helps raise awareness for noble causes. Back in 2011, Carrie opened her penthouse office to the public as a pop-up gallery to help raise funds for UCLA’s Early Childhood Hospitalization program. The exhibit, called Blurred Lines, featured some of Livingston’s favourite artists like Rey Gost, Sarah Baley and Mark Hanauer and its success have spurred on a full-time charity called Generous, aimed at benefitting educators of children with autism.


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