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17, Oct 2022 | Interior Design  

Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

Luxury Kids' Playroom Design In Green Tones

Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

Best Interior Designers From Russia

The history of Antares Interior Design started in 1992. It was created to work in the field of direct deliveries of furniture and interior items from the best Italian and Spanish factories to furniture stores in 65 regions of the Russian Federation and was initially focused on large-scale business.




Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

In 1999, ANTARES Company opened its own representative office in Moscow, which simplified the solution of many organizational problems, simplified the operational management of the company, and contributed to the expansion of furniture suppliers and dealer networks.

Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

Now the company’s suppliers are more than four hundred furniture factories in Italy and Spain, Portugal, Poland, and the United States of America. From wholesale deliveries and expansion of geography (now the company has 6 warehouses) and warehouse space (now their area is 7500 sq. m), ANTARES expanded by creating its own retail network. Currently, the company has furniture stores in six cities of the Central Federal District and a furniture studio in Moscow.

Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

ANTARES has a solid client base and hundreds of completed projects for the supply of furniture for private and commercial projects. However, the main achievement of the Antares Company is the good business reputation of the company, earned by hard work, both among business partners, numerous counterparties, and buyers.

Discover Antares Interior Design Projects

ANTARES company is a participant in furniture exhibitions in Milan, Verona, Pesaro, Paris, Cologne, Hong Kong, and Moscow, gathering the best operators of this market from all over the world.

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Luxury Kids’ Playroom Design In Green Tones

Luxury Kids' Playroom Design In Green Tones

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Minelli Bookcase


It’s a furniture piece that definitely calls attention in the best way, providing elegance and space with its lacquered and glass shelves, as well as a whole structure built in nickel polished brass. Ready to be enchanted by Minelli bookcase?

Lotus Armchair


The perennially precious and divine Lotus Flower has a long and illustrious history in the myths of various nations and civilizations. Such inspirational history and such a recognizable shape could not go unnoticed by Circu. With every petal serving as inspiration, we took the mission of bringing the already well-known magical background of the flower into reality. A modern appeal with a contemporary touch and fully upholstered in a soft and delicate velvet fabric, the Lotus Armchair is everything you need for your interiors: A Whimsical and Ergonomic seating piece.

Cloud Big Shelf


With a creative and playful design, the Cloud Big Shelf aims to reinforce the connection between children and imagination. It features a great amount of space that can store bedtime stories, family frames, or toys that are spreading across the floor. This exclusive design will transform any bedroom into a simple yet luxurious division.


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