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06, Mar 2024 | Girl Rooms,Interior Design  

Embracing Barbiecore: An Enchanted Revolution In Kids’ Interior Design

Embracing Barbiecore: An Enchanted Revolution In Kids' Interior Design

Embracing Barbiecore: An Enchanted Revolution In Kids' Interior Design


The Barbiecore trend in kids’ interior design represents a delightful departure from the conventional, offering a vibrant, imaginative, and personalized space for children to thrive. As designers continue to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, Barbiecore is likely to leave a lasting impact on how we envision and create kids’ living spaces. So, if you’re ready to infuse your child’s room with a playful burst of color and creativity, consider embracing the Barbiecore trend with Circu Magical Furniture for a truly whimsical experience.





Merida Bed




“Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.” Inspired by the grand Ring of Stones in Pixar’s movie Brave, Merida Bed conveys a message of strength, courage, and (self) love to all kids in their adventurous journey of discovery. Just like the movie’s main character Merida, we can all become who we want to be. All it takes is being brave!




Dainty Armchair


Dainty is a real-life figure of elegance and beauty. After you see it you will never unsee this delicate and carefully handmade armchair especially drawn for the little ones. With its velvet upholstery combined with its round and adorable shapes, the Dainty Armchair will be your kid’s new favorite spot.





Marshmallow Activity Table


Have you ever dreamed of a fantasy world where ponds are made of melted marshmallows, trees produce candy, and rivers are filled with chocolate? The Marshmallow Activity Table was designed to help kids fuel their unlimited imagination and overall development. This table is like a blank canvas where your child decides on the activity. They can use their imagination to create stories, play pretend, and develop their social and cognitive skills. Also, to express their creativity, experiment with colors and shapes, and bring their ideas to life. Marshmallow promotes early learning, critical thinking, and cognitive development while igniting curiosity and imagination.





Cloud II Sofa

With its futuristic cloud-shaped appearance, the Cloud II Sofa is inspired by Pixar’s short film and is the ideal item for any bedroom or other division. This version presents itself with an “L” shaped design, for play and rest. Every feature of this item adds a touch of charm to any environment and gives the impression of lightness to anyone who tries it.




Bubble Gum Bed

Inspired by the sweetness of kid’s favorite candies the Bubble Gum Bed is going to take you directly to Wonderland. With its curved shapes combined with LED features, this playful bed is going to be the standout piece you need for a dreamy and funky design. Featuring various storage compartments in modules, you can choose the storage parts you want so that they can best adapt to your room project and space without compromising style. Built-in lacquered wood and velvet upholstery combined with gold details this luxurious and magical bed is going to bring adventure to your child’s room project.


What do you think about the Barbiecore trend in kids’ interior design?



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