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25, Apr 2022 | Interior Design  

Ensemblier London: Top Interior Design Projects

Ensemblier London

Ensemblier London:

Top Interior Design Projects

Ensemblier, a London-based interior design studio created by the top interior designer Tara Craig, debuted in May 2014 with a selection of adjustable headboards, beds, and sofas. She has created a brand that is known for high-quality, attractive designs that allow customers to customize their furniture. Sustainability and ethical sourcing are at the forefront of its design process employing high-quality and natural materials to produce investment pieces that will last for generations.
In this article, you will get to know everything about this amazing interior design studio and some of its best interior design projects! Keep reading!





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Ensemblier London

The furniture designs of Tara and Ensemblier’s collaborating partners are heavily influenced by European influences, with a focus on 18th-century furniture design as investigated through superbly preserved British furniture in museums and organizations, as well as the V&A’s large catalogs.

Ensemblier London

Ensemblier was formed on the premise that interior design should be based on craftsmanship and sustainability. The company was formed primarily to help traditional craftsmen and skill sets that are rapidly being pushed aside in favor of cheaper production methods. Ensemblier is a firm believer that the interior materials and construction of all of our items are just as important and should be just as beautiful in production, as the finished result on the outside. To create timeless heritage objects constructed with love and to last, designs were sourced and reinterpreted from 18th-century archives and other furniture movements, based on classical constructions, philosophies, and proportions.

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Ensemblier London

Instead of being rejected and thrown away, Ensemblier believes that things should be created to last, be recovered, fixed, and adapted for a new generation. They begin with the greatest foundations made of the finest materials and crafted by master craftsmen. From idea to installation, they believe that each piece should convey a story. Ensemblier is a firm believer in intimate partnerships, working with and advising designers and clients to produce one-of-a-kind works that not only fit the space flawlessly but also leave a traceable history of every element and process.

Ensemblier London

As a contrast to diminishing artisan trades, Ensemblier’s defining premise is to encourage and sustain historic British craftsmanship. One of the most important aspects is to educate consumers about old and nearly forgotten practical skills such as frame-making and upholstery in order to create objets d’art, thereby supporting tiny workshops across England. Apprenticeship programs and support for the artisans help to sustain these workshops, which continue to use historically conventional methods and natural materials.

Ensemblier London

In addition to our collaborative design work, Ensemblier collaborates with artisanal fabric businesses such as Bennison, Bernard Thorp, and Howe to create artistically valuable upholstered objects for interior designers and retail clients.

Ensemblier London

Our frames are made to survive for generations, allowing them to restore their treasured furniture pieces again and again. They only utilize natural, sustainably sourced materials that, with proper care, will last a lifetime. Furniture made of less expensive materials like MDF and polyethylene foam is not only hazardous to your house and the environment, but it also starts to disintegrate after three years, whereas our beech frames are designed to last 300 years or more, much like the pieces they are inspired by.

Ensemblier London


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