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22, Nov 2018 | Interior Design  

Meet the Fantasy Air Bookcase, Perfect for Your Kids Bedroom Decor

Meet the Fantasy Air Bookcase, Perfect for Your Kids Bedroom Decor – When we’re designing the perfect bedroom for our wee little offspring (we mean kids, not a smaller version of the 90’s post-punk band) we come across what it appears to be a problem: storage space. Well, we say it appears to be a problem when it’s not. There are plenty of solutions out there, but some are obviously better than others. Either it is in terms of design, security and the amount of space you actually need. Today, we’ve decided to present you to one of our own solutions, the . This unique piece of furniture has come to become a constant in kids interior design projects, being the latest a nursery room by Carrie Livingstone.



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The Fantasy Air Bookcase is a kids’ bookcase inspired by the Disney movie “Up” and it is the perfect storage item for a dreamy bedroom decoration.



With a creative and playful design, the Fantasy Air Bookcase is inspired by vintage travel suitcases to reinforce the connection between children and exploring. The decorative suitcases are piled up to provide extra storage.




The limited edition exclusivity is provided by the gold leaf applied on the shelves that give a luxurious look to the item. Built in wood, lacquered in glossy white, with details in synthetic leather and gold plated finishes.


Meet the Fantasy Air Bookcase, Perfect for Your Kids Bedroom Decor


The Project was a baby room for the first child of Carrie’s clients. The designer did a very stylish and luxurious nursery by using sea elements, various shades of blue and animal prints. The room is the perfect place for a little explorer to start his first discoveries. The design featured Cloud Big Lamp, Fantasy Air Bookcase and Fantasy Air 6 Drawers.



Wood, Metal, Synthetic Leather, Gold Leaf

Lacquered in glossy white, Metal parts in gold plated finishing, Strips in gold synthetic leather, Interior in gold leaf

Width: 100 cm | 40.0″
Depth: 46 cm | 18.1″
Height: 190 cm | 74.8″



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