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05, Aug 2021 | Girl Rooms  

Girls’ Bedroom: A Magical Design by Monarch Architects

girls' room

Girls’ Bedroom: A Magical Design by Monarch Architects

You will love this magical girls’ bedroom inspired in Alice in Wonderland!

Did you need some inspiration for your girls’ bedroom? Don’t worry! Today we will share with you a magical interior design project created by Monarch Architects.

Inspired by the fairytale story Alice in Wonderland, Monarch Architects have created this magical luxury girls’ room design where each corner of this room was designed to create a unique environment where children can live all the time in a world full of wonders where everything is possible and imagination is the key.

The centerpiece of this girls’ bedroom is the Bunny Bed by CircuInspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Bunny bed promises to take your little one into a fantasy land where he/she can explore their wildest dreams while being fascinated by the beauty of nature. The Bunny bed will be your kid’s favorite spot and a best friend for life that will bring comfort and joy.



girls' room

All of this modern girls’ bedroom was decorated in shades of pink and following the theme of Alie in Wonderland. We can see the inspiration of this girls’ bedroom in the wallpaper and the mirror.



girls' room

The study area, with a simple and timeless style, has a lot of space to organize the school tools of your kids’. This space is just perfect for your kids’ study and expresses their creativity! The shades of pink and the modern look of this space look really amazing and complement really all the girls’ bedroom!


What do you think about this magical girls’ room?

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Magical Girls' Bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design