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Interior Design Ideas For Kids That Reflect Enchanted Worlds

Interior Design Ideas For Kids That Reflect Enchanted Worlds


When designing a child’s room, the goal is often to create a space that is both functional and inspirational. Creating an enchanted world in your child’s room can be a delightful and rewarding project. This can transform a regular bedroom into a magical escape, where imagination and creativity can thrive. Circu Magical Furniture brings you some enchanting interior design ideas for kids to bring the magic alive.



A Ride That Never Stops




Bun Van Bed

The Bun Van Bed is a complete bedroom set for a children’s space. Inspired by the iconic 60’s camper van Fillmore from the Disney movie “Cars”, this unique kids’ bed will bring a total experience of fun and play to the children’s rooms. The exterior is produced in fiberglass with chrome-plated finishes and the inside is made of palisander wood veneer, containing several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a desk, a mini-bar, and a sofa.


Infinite Playland




Bonbon Chair



When designing a kid’s room, the first question you may ask yourself is: “How can I turn this space into a play area where my child will have tons of fun?”. First, decide on a theme your child loves and look for furniture designs that will fit into that theme. Bonbon is a versatile lightweight chair that will fit perfectly into any candy-themed room or related like, for example, Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is a lightweight upholstered chair with a wide base to prevent tipping, designed to capture children’s imagination and encourage their motor skills. Comfortable and ergonomic, Bonbon Chair is also made of safe and durable materials that can withstand their use.



Little Princess Utopia




Marshmallow Activity II Table

Have you ever dreamed of a fantasy world where ponds are made of melted marshmallows, trees produce candy, and rivers are filled with chocolate? The Marshmallow Activity II Table was designed for kids to help fuel their unlimited imagination and overall development. This table is like a blank canvas where your child decides on the activity. They can use their imagination to create stories, play pretend, and develop their social and cognitive skills. Also, to express their creativity, experiment with colors and shapes, and bring their ideas to life. Marshmallow promotes early learning, critical thinking, and cognitive development while igniting curiosity and imagination.


Bunny Paradise




Cloud Lamp



The Cloud Lamp is made from an innovative material, created by Circu, designed in several layers and fine coating with a fire retardant. Inside, it has a light and sound system that is controlled by a mobile app (light) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. The Cloud Lamp has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the Cloud Lamp by Bluetooth. You can choose the music you want to play on your smartphone.

Forest of Discovery




Baloo Chair


Bears have been a popular theme in children’s literature for many years. They often symbolize a sense of warmth, adventure, and companionship. Many endearing bear characters made kids dream for many generations, one of the most beloved being Baloo from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”; a laid-back and carefree bear who becomes a friend and mentor to the adventurous Mowgli. Baloo inspired the Baloo Chair, specially designed for kids fascinated by the animal kingdom, which provides a comfortable and engaging seating option for children while they engage in various activities such as reading, drawing, studying, or playing games.


Skies Await For You




Sky One Plane Bed


The Sky One Plane is an airplane-themed kids’ bed with a playful design that it’s both didactic and fun. An airplane-inspired decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the little explorers to develop their creativity. The body is entirely made of fiberglass with glossy varnish applied and chrome-plated finishes in the engine and wheels. The decorative suitcases include secret storage compartments and allow easy access to the bed. The Sky One Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible.


Which of these interior design ideas for kids is your favorite?



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