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02, Dec 2019 | Interior Design  

Kids Bedroom Decor – Fun and functional Play Spaces

Kids Bedroom Decor – Fun and functional Play Spaces


Child’s play aren’t we, right? With the perfect fittings, your children room design can turn into a perfect harem for kids to play in and to have the style you ever wanted without losing the balance in the rest of your home interior decor. Come and find out how you can have it all!


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We found that a children’s room is the most fun to the decor. Although it’s a difficult job, this part of the home requires more attention than most and you’ll want to have it all in one room. A safe space, a play space and a learning space.



So, we tried to bring a bit of everything to fit into your tastes. For example, in this French home, a change in flooring caused the division between playtime and serious time. By changing floor colours it creates a visual divide and it helps distinguish the right time for everything.


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In Israel, we found that a small play area becomes the perfect space for children to have their own space without interrupting anything. The division serves to create a specific place to have fun in without disrupting the workspace.



In this Russian summer house, a multi-level indoor play area with a suspended net above the master bedroom was implemented. The goal:  allow its occupants to supervise their children without getting out of bed. A really good idea.



In sunny Australia, the home design ideas behind this project were to find storage for toys and create a sense of organization and responsibility. With built-in floor cupboards, it conceals the clutter. An industrial style lamp was also a good choice of light in a kids play area. Diana, by DelightFULL, would be the perfect choice for this home interior decor.


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In Canada, we found this really great design. Toy building blocks in the walls cause a sense of adventure, responsibility and can be used to create drawings on the cupboards in this children’s playroom.


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