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16, May 2016 | Kids Closet  

How to organize a kids closet

How to organize a kid's closet 1 cover

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Your kid most certainly has loads of clothes from Summer to Winter and so on, they are endless! And also, he is growing so, of course, there will be loads of clothes from previous years. Circu blog gives you some tips and ideas on how to organize your kids closet.

  1. Use time-savers: organize everything so it is easily accessible in the morning when you are dressing your kids. Do it by sections and the priority are the most used items, of course. If possible, work with your children in order to choose all the outfits for the week ahead of time, then labeling the days of the week on clothing hand tags, for example. We know that this might seem weird at first, but believe us once you start it you will find good use to this method. If you partnership with your kid to select their clothes there will be no debate in the mornings. Anyway, you should use drawer inserts and partitions to keep contents organized.

How to organize a kids closet
2. Use always hangers adapted to the size of your kids. If you use adult-sized ones their clothes will fall or be floppy, be aware of that. Also, the hangers should match, ideally.
How to organize a kids closet
3. Makes sure the closet is easy to use not only for you but also for your kids. So, find the reachable height for your child and draw a mental horizontal line throughout the closet.
4. If siblings have to share a closet, keep the peace by dividing the space.
How to organize a kids closet
5. There are a few tricks to really maximize space in a small closet, like using pull-out shoe shelves that are more compact than a shoe rack or hanging shoe organizers since you can have multiple rows of shoes, but you pull each row out like a drawer. Customize your kids closet and adapt it to the necessities of you and your child’s needs.
How to organize a kids closet
6. Always leave some room to organize toys; use organizers to divide the toys per favorite toys and for “themes”, example: cars in one space and legos in another space.
How to organize a kids closet
7. Don’t forget to decorate the space, organize is important, but also be careful with the presentation. Maybe hang some of your kid’s drawings creatively.
How to organize a kid's closet 1 (Copy)
It is not a secret that a kid’s closet should be tidy and clean because otherwise you will completely lose your mind trying to find that favorite blouse for that special moment. Check out our tips…
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