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14, Jan 2022 | Interior Design  

Top 10 Luxury Kids’ Seating Pieces

Top 10 Luxury Kids' Seating Pieces

Top 10 Luxury Kids’ Seating Pieces

Wonderful kids’ seating pieces for a magical kids’ bedroom!

From the sleeping area until the play area, kids’ seating pieces are always necessary! Circu Magical Furniture has an awesome collection of this type of kids’ furniture, and today we will share with you our top 10 luxury kids’ seating pieces! Keep reading!


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Rocky Rocket Sofa / Chair

Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, that will be the perfect addition to any kids’ play area. This kids’ seating piece has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Light- year from “Toy Story”.

Cotton Candy Sofa

pink kids sofa
The Cotton Candy Sofa will add sweetness and playfulness to your kids’ bedroom design. With unique and trendy shapes, this item is the perfect kids’ seating piece to have in a kids’ playroom or for those who want to create a relaxing corner where children can read it’s favorite fairytale stories. Built-in wood and velvet upholstery combined with gold details on the bottom, this corner sofa will bring magic and personality to your kids’ room.

Dainty Armchair

pink kids armchair
Dainty Armchair is a real-life figure of elegance and beautifulness. After you see it you will never unsee this delicate and carefully handmade armchair especially drawn for the little ones. With its velvet upholstery combined with its round and adorable shapes, the Dainty Armchair will be your kids’ new favorite spot.
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Rainbow Sofa

kids' seating piece luxury pink sofa
The Rainbow Sofa will bring magic to any kids’ room corner. With its round and simple shape, this sofa is the perfect kids’ seating piece to add to your kids’ bedroom design. By combining the velvet upholstery with the gold details on the bottom, the Rainbow Sofa will give any project a touch of elegance and luxury while giving kids a comfortable place to relax and read their favorite stories.

Bubble Gum Bench

kids' seating piece
With its creative and trendy round shapes, the Bubble Gum Bench is here to give more sweetness to your kids’ room design. This elegant bench is the perfect kids’ seating piece to add next to your kids’ bed or to add to any play area so that your child can relax and read its favorite fairytales in comfort. Built-in wood and with its velvet upholstery and gold details on the bottom, this unique product is going to help you in bringing your child’s personality to the room decor and will be a fun element in the room design.
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Bird Stool

kids' seating piece green kids stool
The Bird Stool has an exclusive design that promises to awaken children’s friendship with animals. This children’s stool introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young.

Nodo Suspension Chair

kids' seating piece gold suspension chair
Nodo Suspension Chair will give you the comfort you never thought you needed. With its velvet upholstery and stainless steel, this whimsical hanging chair will add to your home just the right amount of style and elegance. This kids’ seating piece will bring you the warmth and comfort found in a bird’s nest and the sense of freedom by its floating sensation.

Cloud Sofa

kids' seating piece cloud shaped kids sofa
The Cloud Sofa is inspired by Pixar’s short film and it’s the perfect item for any kids’ bedroom and any other division with its modern cloud-shaped form. Every detail of this piece brings a touch of magic to any room and creates an illusion and sensation of levity in anyone who tries it.
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Booboo Swing Sofa

kids' seating piece blue swing sofa
Booboo Swing Sofa was inspired by Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland, and is here to exponentially upgrade your kids’ bedroom design. Its luxurious design makes it easy to add to any décor or theme. A perfect merge between comfort and design, the Booboo Swing Sofa can easily become your kids’ favorite place to hang out after school. Furthermore, the sofa’s gentle motion will provide you and your children with absolute relaxation, making it the perfect spot for bedtime stories. Carefully handcrafted, every single detail on its structure gives you more than just a furniture piece, it gives you the perfect place to bond with your children.

Pixie Chair

kids' seating piece wing kids chair
The Pixie Chair was inspired by the iconic fairy Tinker Bell and is here to add more magic to your kids’ room design. The kid’s chair is a comfortable kids’ seating piece for your girls’ room design and will give the illusion that she has her own pair of wings.

Hope you liked these top 10 kids’ seating pieces!

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