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30, May 2023 | Interior Design,Play Rooms  

Magical Kids’ Lounges That Will Make Every Child Happy (Part III)

Magical Kids' Lounges That Will Make Every Child Happy (Part III)

Magical Kids' Lounges That Will Make Every Child Happy (Part III)


In this world, there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child and Circu Magical Furniture creates a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit. Looking for big smiles on your child’s face? These kids’ lounges will do the trick! A world of vivid colors and playful ambiances is waiting for you.



#1 – The Library of Loops, Slides and Drops




Bubble Loop

Add more fun to your kid’s play area with the Bubble Loop. Inspired by the funky shapes of kid’s favorite candies this creative item is the accessory you need to add more flavor to your kids’ bedroom decor. With its velvet upholstery and gold details on the bottom, the Bubble Loop will also provide a touch of luxury and texture to your decor without losing the touch of fun.


#2 – Transdimensional Playroom




Milo Baby Playground

Inspired by the movie Atlantics, the Milo Baby Playground was made to shape comfort and to keep your little one safe and sound while he/she travels plays and listens to her/his favorite story. This playground was made with soft materials and it’s big and comfortable enough for you to join in and read some stories with them.




#3 – Full Neon Blue Whimsy




Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge




Fantasy Air Balloon Lounge is a themed lounge area, comprised of a marvelous circular sofa, so comfortable that you’ll be seated literally in the clouds, and a practical round table. This lounge set invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride while being the perfect spot for your kids to study, play or simply rest after a school day. The set features and color-changing light and sound system on the top part, and due to its unique design can be easily used in any type of set, from a kid’s room to a commercial or larger-scale project.



#4 – Bubble Gum Fun




Dolly Monkey Bars



Dolly Monkey Bars is a kid’s wall ladder specially made to keep little ones exercised and provide the ultimate fun. With its modern design and slide feature, this luxury kids’ ladder wall will be any kid’s favorite spot after homework time, and will for sure be a highlight point in any kids’ room decor.


#5 – Colorful Airplane Station




Bubble Gum Gym

Inspired by traditional outdoor playgrounds, the Bubble Gum Gym is the product you need to bring adventure and creativity to your children’s play area. With its fun features combined with exceptional design, this playground will help kids keep exercising by giving them gymnastic equipment and dynamic elements. This one-of-a-kind playground features different elements such as a rock wall, a swing chair, a slide, and even a climbing rope. To make it safe for children, the Bubble Gum Gym includes LED features and has a soft velvet rug on the bottom so that kids play and explore freely without getting hurt.


What do you think about our kids’ lounges? What is your favorite? Let us know!

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