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26, Nov 2021 | Interior Design  

10 Magical Kids’ Rooms In Dubai

Kids' Room

10 Magical Kids’ Rooms In Dubai

Be inspired by these magical inspirations!

Let’s travel to Dubai and discover the most magical kids’ room in this wonderful city! Join us!


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Aya Amer kids' room

We would like to know how your dream kids’ room would be! Have some interior design inspiration with this awe-inspiring bedroom design by Aya Amer that stirs our souls and melts our hearts, through a luxury design attitude and contemporary interior styling.

pink sofa kids' room

A sweet kids’ room in shades of pink with the Rainbow Sofa, Cloud Lamp Big, Bubble Gum 3 Drawers, Bubble Gum Small Mirror, and the Rhino’s Troupe Rug.

green kids bed kids' room

An adorable and fun kids’ room with the amazing Sophia Bed by Essential Home, the perfect piece of decoration to create a charming and fun environment in the children’s bedroom.

CC - Christmas Annual Sale 2

Sarah El Masri kids' room

Prepare to be amazed by this beautiful kids’ room project made by Sarah El Masri. This project was inspired by modern design and highlighted with key pieces that gave the girls’ bedroom a chic look while maintaining a very simple style. The touches of gold give a luxurious touch to this magical bedroom!

neutral kids bed kids' room

The complete transformation of this kids’ room environment was brought to us by the combined grandeur of the cloud collection, both the furniture and lighting designs are greatly designed to provide any child with a lovely experience.

pink kids bed kids' room

This kids’ bed by Circu has got a unique shape and a design that was made to create a safe place for the little ones to rest and feel love and secure during the nighttime.

Dolly Playhouse Bed

 Salah Mohamed Designs kids' room

Be inspired by this stunning and luxury kids’ room design by Salah Mohamed Designs featuring soft shades of pink color and gold details!

kids playhouse kids' room

Inspired by the Jungle Book, the Mogli Playhouse by Circu was designed by using the elements and the wonders of nature. It’s a dream come true for kids who love the outdoors so much they wish to bring it inside. With this playhouse, there’s no limit to imagination and every kid will feel like they are on top of the world. And it’s perfect for rainy days when they can not go outside: every day will be an adventure!

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blue kids bed kids' room

A modern kids’ room with the amazing Cloud Bed in blue and the Moon Rug to give more coziness to the room!

gold suspension chair kids' room

A magical girls’ room in shades of pink and gold with the Bubble Gum Bed and the Nodo Suspension Chair by Circu.


Hope you liked these magical kids’ rooms in Dubai!

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