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Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids

Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids


Constellations, planets, magnetic fields, dust, cosmic rays… the universe is full of wonders and mysteries. Circu Magical Furniture brings you space-themed furniture for kids so your little astronaut can travel to outer space without leaving his/her bedroom. One small step for design, one giant leap for kids!



Atomic Round Suspension Lamp

Atomic Round Suspension Lamp was inspired by the molecular composition of the atom as a nod to the atomic age and race to space mid-century era. DelightFULL’s designers created a round set of spotlights all arranged to look like non-conventional molecular forms.


Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids


Stellar Round Rug


Inspired by the galaxy’s constellations, the Stellar Rug is the ideal piece for little space adventures who love to look up to the sky every night and count the stars. What better way to enjoy the starry nights than while seated on the Stellar Rug? It’s a spot of comfort and it will add style to any floor.


Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids



Cosmo Suspension Lamp

Designed as a tribute to the mid-20th century race to space, Cosmo Suspension Lamp is inspired by space, galaxies and the planets that surround us. It is a memorable lighting fixture, with very unique details that make it the luxurious bespoke design piece that it is.


Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids



IV Planets Rug



Inspired by all of the Planets of the Solar System, this IV Planets Rug can’t wait to join the party in your kid’s rooms. The Fantastic Four will bring joy, adventure, and coziness to any room. It’s a dreamy quartet eager to share the galaxies’ secrets with your little one.


Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids


Rocky Rocket Chair


The Rocky Rocket it’s a children’s interactive chair, that will be the perfect addition to any kid’s play area. The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from The Adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. The Rocky Rocket has an RGB light and speakers and it can be controlled by a mobile app (or with remote control) and can also be connected by Bluetooth. The app has also a sleep assistant and you can choose the color intensity of the light and lighting effects. It is built using top-quality materials such as wood, being robust in design, and dreamy on the interiors, due to its red velvet upholstered walls and cushioned flooring.


Magical Universe: Spaced-theme Furniture For Kids


What do you think about our space-themed furniture for kids?


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