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03, Jul 2022 | Interior Design  

Matteo Thun and Partners: Designs Inspired By Timeless Simplicity

Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun and Partners:

Designs Inspired By Timeless Simplicity

Matteo Thun and Partners is a Milan-based architecture and design firm led by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, with a subsidiary in Munich, Germany. The designs of the studio are inspired by timeless simplicity and are centered on the human scale. Read on to this Circu Blog article to learn more!





Getting To Know Matteo Thun and Partners

Matteo Thun

Founded in 1984, the company now has a global presence in the hospitality, healthcare, residential, office, and retail sectors, as well as product design. Matteo Thun and Partners, a team of 70 interdisciplinary architects, interior, product, and graphic designers, works from micro to macro scales, with a focus on the management of highly complex projects. The work prioritizes aesthetic durability, technological longevity, and building and product longevity in the future. Matteo Thun and Partners’ work is characterized by a deep respect for a project’s soul and a sensitive approach to the client’s uniqueness.

Luxury Villa – Ibiza

Matteo Thun

Sabina invited Matteo Thun to join a group of international architects in designing a villa for the ecologically inspired private villa community on the Spanish island of Ibiza. The villa with a view of the sea on Ibiza’s west coast is about the beauty of the location, not the architecture. The villa revolves around the ocean view, the morning sun, the sunset, and the scent of the local flora.

Private Residence – Switzerland

Matteo Thun

This 4.0 private residence, visible and invisible, does not reveal its secrets all at once. Its interior is entirely made of larch and ash wood, concealing its innovative complex technology that organizes the owner’s life.

Private Villa – Italy

Matteo Thun

This villa, nestled in a coastal landscape, references the major elements of its surroundings: local colors, natural stones, greens, and soft round shapes inspired by traditional buildings. The architecture seeks to create a contemporary, luxurious, and one-of-a-kind space in an outstanding location while preserving the area’s historic character.

What Do You Think Of Matteo Thun and Partners’s Approach?

The Julius – Prague

Matteo Thun

Inspired by Alfons Mucha’s color palette, a historic palace in the heart of Prague becomes a temporary home for business travelers visiting Prague for an extended period of time. The aparthotel welcomes guests to rooms with a warm but light atmosphere, open floor plans, natural materials, and timeless furnishings.

Congress Hotel – Germany

Matteo Thun

In the atrium-style lobby, a green oasis invites guests to stay and relax. The interior design concept was created for a Congress Hotel in Germany to encourage socializing by evoking a sense of vitality and compensating for the typical anonymity of conference locations.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg – Eisenberg

Matteo Thun

The largest University Orthopedic Centre in Germany, with 246 beds. The interior design allows patients to withdraw and enjoy privacy in the Z-shaped two-bedrooms. Spacious verandas connect the rooms, which all have views of the surrounding nature.


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