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31, Jan 2021 | Interior Design  

Meet the Best Interior Designers in Manila

Meet the Best Interior Designers in Manila


Best Interior Designers in Manila stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home. Join Circu  and find out below the best designers we have for you:



1. Beavaldes Design



Beatrice Panlilio-Valdes grew up in Manila, the Philippines with a family who has worked in the fine jewelry trade for three generations. Today, “Bea” is a designer in her own right, taking inspiration from various cultures and countries and sourcing materials, patterns, and ideas from around the world. However, Bea continues to live in the Philippines, working with local artisans in her Manila-based studio, in order to preserve Philippine craftsmanship and design while overseeing all production.


2. Steven Leach Manila



Steven Leach Manila is the preeminent interior design consultancy in Manila, Asia.


3. Habitus Design Group



Habitus Design Group is a leading hospitality interior design and client advisory firm for world-class integrated resorts and luxury hotels focusing on innovation and vision. We create standard-setting hospitality destinations that command global recognition and help our clients fulfill their dreams.




We operate at the intersection of strategy, design, and implementation, and are extraordinary in our capacity to execute brilliantly in interior design, development, branding, and procurement. This organizational strategy has produced a fluid interchange of expertise, which enables us to drive innovative, and authentic solutions to every project.


5. Mike Suqui Designs



Designing beyond functionality and productivity is the interior designer’s goal! Based in Manila, Mike aims to create amazing projects, with every attention to detail.


6. Maya Franco



Designing beyond functionality and productivity is the interior designer’s goal! Based in Manila, Mike aims to create amazing projects, with every attention to detail.


6. Maya Franco



We are a group of Architects and Interior Designers with a passion for delivering creative, functional, and beautiful designs in an efficient and professional manner.

7. Hurray Design


From a startup design store in Cubao, we’ve grown from the ground up. From 2009 up until today, we have grown from a design-centered boutique to a parent brand of 2-companies where we nurture young talent, servicing a growing industry.


8. Mañosa & Company



With over two decades of service, FRANCISCO MAÑOSA & PARTNERS has developed into a firm that strives to meet the diverse design needs of different clients. It is in this that the firm brings forth a new dimension in design, achieved through the creation of a diverse team with a myriad of disciplines, striving to translate, as best they can, the design needs and objectives presented. The firm is a conglomeration of disciplines. In the house is a full staff of Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Designers and Planners, Environmental Architects, Model Makers, Industrial Designers, and Landscapers. Other disciplines such as structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, and plumbing engineers are an integral part of the firm’s consulting staff who work independently but can participate as associates as needed.





At M Moser, we believe design can positively impact people’s well-being and productivity through work and life. We are passionate about enabling transformative workplace culture.


10. Rock Robins Design Studio



Rock Robins is a sought after interior designer working on various residential and commercial projects in Metro Manila and other provinces. He graduated from the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University in 2002 with a degree in Business Management and took up an associate degree in interior design from Philippine School of Interior Design.


11. Adefuin Design Studio



Adefuin Design Studio (ADS) is a design atelier based in Manila, Philippines. Led by IDr. Jigs Ranada Adefuin, ADS designs high-end residential and commercial spaces that stimulate the senses and stand the test of time.

12. Design HQ



For over 19 years, we at Design HQ have been passionate about creating spaces reflecting the individuality of our clients. Imagination and knowledge are the core values that drive us.  We strive to push our imagination for a fresh look injected with design-savvy and an eye for detail in the modern and eclectic styles we predominantly design in.  We continually expand our knowledge from the experience each project gives us and keenly watching and learning market innovations.  Working together with an emphasis on listening, the result is truly a collaboration between Design HQ and the client.


13. Nazareno Guerrero Design Consultancy



The Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy, established in 1998, strives in creating new and innovative solutions for its various projects. This is made possible due to the extensive local and international design experience of its Principal Architect J. Antonio Nazareno and his partner, Architect Christian Guerrero.


14. Jane Ong Design+ Consultancy



DESIGN PHILOSOPHY. Jane Ong Design + Consultancy gives importance to communicating with each client. While our design leans towards modern and contemporary styles, we believe that a good design must reflect the client’s taste and individuality. We value function, aesthetics, and resourcefulness above all.


15. D3ID



D3ID is a one-stop design and construction firm established in the year 2013 at Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines. Our interior works are most particularly of, but not limited to modern and contemporary designs. We are committed to making our client’s dream spaces into livable works of art. With years of experience in the industry and our commitment to deliver the best possible outcome of a project, we’ll give you that peace of mind during the entire design process. Our design and construction services are offered in parts or packages giving you the flexibility to manage and implement your projects. Our scope of services comprises interior design, fit-out works, and furnishing.


16. Tokyo Grand Renovation INC.



Tokyo Grand Renovation (TGR) is a full-service interior design and renovation contractor in the Philippines, with headquarters located at the heart of the Makati Central Business District. Using the Japanese style of craftsmanship in the production of luxury and quality aesthetics, an elegant and functional finish is committed to being delivered for every home improvement and house renovation project. TGR is PCAB-licensed.


17. Grupo Santamaria



Grupo Santamaria has over 15 years of commitment to design that enhances life by improving the spaces it moves within. We believe that effective design solutions provide comfort, efficiency, interaction, and security. Working closely with our clients, we seek out these solutions to the challenges and objectives of our projects by using proper process and research. Believing that because form follows function, we must know function intimately.


18. KM Interior Design Manila



KM Interior Design Studio is all about creating workplaces that get you working. It’s about designing homes that people want to go home to. It’s about comfort rooms that really give you comfort. We may not be Einsteins or Da Vincis, but we understand that you want a space that works for you and we’ll be sure to give you just that.


19. CMV Design



CMV Design Team consists of talented, creative, assertive, and approachable designers. In this fast-changing lifestyle that we have right now, we value our client’s time, effort, and resources by making sure that all of the project details are well planned and coordinated. From design conceptualization, cost bidding, and construction phase, we can professionally guide you in every step of your renovation journey towards completion.


20. DB & B



The DB&B Group is a leading interior design and construction firm with offices in key Asian cities – Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Manila. Our design teams are supported by in-house production facilities and a full range of services to ensure that our clients’ visions are successfully delivered. DB&B’s recent design awards include the Hong Kong Global Design Awards, International Property Awards, and FuturArc Green Leadership Award.


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