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02, Feb 2022 | Interior Design  

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop’s Silence Among the Noise House

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop’s Silence Among the Noise House

Be inspired by the work of this top interior designer!

Embedded in the heart of Kyiv lies Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop. This one-of-a-kind practice is headed by Stanislav Kaminskyi who knows exactly how to interpret concepts, wills, and spaces. the project we will show you below is exactly what its name preludes, a haven of silence amongst the chaos of Kyiv.



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Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop’s Project

The modern approach of the design was mandatory in order to create a space where the clients could get away from the city’s commotion. Sleek, simple lines contrast with the furniture’s warm tones and textures. The grey, stained wall adds an industrial and retro vibe to the decor, which contrasts with the modernity fount in the center table, sofa, and floor lamp. To add a personalized touch to the design, the Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop team added a piece of art to the wall, which completely steals your look once you step into the room.

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House

The modern-minimalist looks expanded its influence to the dining area, where a dark-wood dining table takes the spotlight. Comfy and cool dining chairs set the mood for a relaxed dinner with friends and family, where the wire-like ceiling lamp will surely be a conversation theme. To add a certain quirkiness to the room, the Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop team added a color pop to the area by simply switching one of the dining chairs to a terracotta-colored one.

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House

The master suite in this home is surely something that cannot go unspoken. This incredible space strikes you by how simple and effortless comfort feels. The room’s design follows the same narrative as the rest of the project, where minimal lines and rich materials are used to create a sense of comfort, relaxation, and safety for the clients. The settee by the window is a smart addition to the space, creating the perfect spot for the clients to slowly sip their coffee in the mornings while admiring the view.

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House

Bue the crown jewel of this project is, without a doubt, the kids’ bedroom. It almost seems like a different home within the house. In here, all the minimalism disappears and fantasy takes its place.

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House
Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House

The contrast between the deep blue shade and the cream creates a winter wonderland for the child, where it can go on an adventure through its own imagination. The corner bed/sofa was a smart play by Kamsinskyi Architectural Workshop, as it saves a lot of space for the child to play. The cloud-shaped, wire-like ceiling lamps create an incredibly comfortable atmosphere and connect this bedroom with the rest of the project’s concept.

Meet Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop's Silence Among the Noise House
The texturized backsplash on the desk is the perfect solution for the child to display its things, as it doesn’t require much to hang up its art and achievements on it, and at the same time creates a modern look to the room.
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This girls’ room in green tones and with a mid-century modern design looks absolutely adorable! The centerpiece of this space is the Sophia Bed, a mid-century styled panel bed, with bonded velvet on the headboard and footboard, perfect for any kids’ room.
bunny shaped bed
A luxury kids’ room with a modern design in neutral tones! Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Mr. Bunny Bed promises to take your little one into a fantasy land where he/she can explore their wildest dreams while being fascinated by the beauty of nature. This luxury kids’ bed will be your kid’s favorite spot and a best friend for life that will bring comfort and joy!
cloud shaped suspension lamp
A luxurious kids’ room in neutral tones and cloud-inspired furniture. The combination of the Cloud Bed, with the Cloud Nightstand, the Cloud Rug, and the Cloud Lamp Big looks absolutely adorable.
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The Bubble Gum Gym is inspired by the traditional outdoor playgrounds and it’s the product you need to bring adventure and creativity to your kids’ play area. With its fun features combined with exceptional design, this playground will help kids keep exercising.

This luxury kids’ room in yellow and grey tones and with a modern design looks absolutely stylish! The Iraya Headboard brings all touches of modernness and uniqueness to any kids’ room design.

Hope you liked this Kaminskyi Architectural Workshop project and kids’ room inspirations!

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