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19, Jan 2021 | Interior Design  

Meet our New, Stellar Kids Bedroom Rugs Collection!

Meet our New, Stellar Kids Bedroom Rugs Collection!


What better way to start the new year than the launch of some amazing and inspiring pieces that will bring joy to your home and your little one’s bedroom. Circu starts off the year with a new rugs collection – the Space Collection. It is composed of 8 new rugs where the moon, the stars and space were the biggest inspiration behind it. “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”. Keeping this in mind, CIRCU Magical Furniture created an out of this world collection. The incredible kids brand stepped out of the comfort zone and created an incredible rugs collection inspired by the universe, with an incredible illustrative design, these decorating pieces will for sure be the reason your kid’s dream!




The Space Collection has a dark blue and grey palette as the main colors and you can choose between a round shape and a rectangular one. The size can also come in a different dimension and you can also customize the rug according to our possibilities. Ready to answer a call that comes from out of this world? Buckle up and get ready to take off.




Apollo Rug


Inspired by the Apollo’s Programme, coordinated by NASA, the Apollo Rug is the perfect piece to join your little one in his/hers countless space missions. It’s the Rug all the kid’s rooms who love the Galaxy are waiting for. Are you ready to step on the Moon?


Solar System Rug


This rug needs no introductions. It’s the Solar System waiting for the invite from the VIP Guest – your little one. The floor of the kid’s rooms will never feel so much quality like the one present in every fibre of the Solar System Rug. Now the kids don’t need to wait for the day time to feel the light. They can just sit on it.

Planet Party Rug



Planet Party Round Rug


They have style, light, food, and adventure. The only thing the Planet Party Rug is missing is the main player to enter the game of the galaxy. Is your little one ready to play and join the Planet Party? No dress code needed.

Stellar Rug


Inspired by the galaxy’s constellations, the Stellar Rug is the ideal piece for the little space adventures who love to look up to the sky every night and count the stars. What better way to enjoy the starry nights than while seated on the Stellar Rug? It’s a spot of comfort and it will add style to any floor.


Thunder Round Rocket Rug


A thunder of space greatness. Inspired by the famous space missions, the Thunder Rocket Rug promises to take the rug’s designs to another level. Carefully made to inspire and increase your little one’s imagination, this rug fits in every room and there’s no limit to how high it can fly.

Mr. Martion Round Rug


Mr Martion could not wait to be apart of the Circu Family. After many requests, we could not say no to such a special creature and he is apart of the most magical family in the world. Mr. Martin Rug is eager to be apart of your special kid’s room projects and promises to fill in all of your design requests.


Hello, Stranger Rug


True strangers meet and one fantastic rug is created. Inspired by the unknown creatures we are yet to meet, the Hello, Stranger rug is the ideal piece for any children’s bedroom whose imagination has no limit and there’s no fear of the unknown.



IV Planets Round Rug


Inspired by all of the Planets of the Solar System, this IV Planets Rug can’t wait to join the party in your kid’s rooms. The Fantastic Four will bring joy, adventure, and cosiness to any room. It’s a dreamy quartet eager to share the galaxies’ secrets with you little one.


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