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23, Dec 2020 | Interior Design  

Modern Pastel Coloured Kids Bedroom by He.D Group

Modern Pastel Coloured Kids Bedroom by He.D Group


The interior design studio commenced its story in 2013 in the cosmopolitan city of Kyiv. The studio’s mission is simple – to put human needs and desires at the centre of everything they do. Together with a multidisciplinary and highly qualified team, the He.D group brings its philosophy to life. This means creating spatial conditions in which people feel comfortable; public places that make people feel at home and living spaces that are livable and make sense to the people living in them.



Red accents heat up this uniquely styled home interior located in Ukraine, Kyiv, designed and visualised by HE.D group. The red characteristics are intermingled with eye-catching moments of a monochrome pattern. Mint green elements cool and contrast with the warmer tones, and a distinctive yellow area rug freshens the centre of the small open plan living space.




circular shape theme runs through the veins of this red-accented home design too, with curvaceous elements rounding out harsh corners. Wooden design features are styled with diagonally cut boards to give the pieces individual flair, and modern furniture designs spice up minimalist layouts.



On the opposite side of the room to the bed, a little pink vanity table and matching pouf sit in front of a tall arched mirror. A second mirror of the same style is lit around its edge, and the two together create the illusion of doorways.


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Above the bed, there’s a small crawlspace converted into a sort of treehouse-like play area where the child can host its most private meetings.



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