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18, Nov 2022 | Interior Design  

Mood Interiors: Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Mood Interiors - Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Mood Interiors:

Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom are here! Mood interiors is an interior design agency dedicated to helping property owners create their perfect home in a more affordable way and more easily than ever before. The boutique studio was launched in 2016 due to a worldwide demand for sumptuous interiors, which are accessible to all and encourage you to think further with the help of a professional.




Get To Know Mood Interiors

Its founder, Preet Anand, has a wealth of experience in staging high-end interiors for individual clients and developers, as well as commercial businesses. Due to Mood Interiors’ ongoing success and the growing demand for its services, it has now launched a store for you to explore an opulent range of accessories and furniture to adorn your home.

Mood Interiors - Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Walking into their home should be an uplifting experience – inviting, exciting and compelling. From the space, color, and lighting, right through to the curve of a chair and the texture of a cushion, it should all weave together to create a seamless look and feel. Their goal is to bring this notion to life. To achieve this, they work closely with private clients and developers and tailor each home to their personality and lifestyle, creating show-stopping spaces that ooze luxury, sophistication, and practicality.

Mood Interiors - Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

The key to a successful project is creating a brief that truly understands your aims and aspirations. That’s why they work very hard to get to know your vision and find out as much as they can about your personality, style, and desires. They start building a picture by putting together floor plans, photography to timescales, architectural considerations, and more. After the initial briefing stage, they write a proposal outlining their understanding of the brief, a proposed timeline, and the steps they’ll take to make it happen.

The Editor’s Choice

Cloud Cradle By Circu


The Cloud Cradle is the perfect piece for every baby’s (and parents’) bedroom. Its cloud-shaped form is only one of the details that make this piece whimsical. Soft, subtle, and safe, this cradle will let your little one fly into the clouds in a calm and deep sleep.

Mood Interiors - Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

They work with some of the best suppliers and specialists to ensure your fit-out is professional and of quality⁠. They build multifunctional spaces, giving families the ability to have coffee with friends in the morning and cinema experiences with family in the evening.⁠ At Mood Interiors, they believe that creating a beautiful home should be easy and affordable so that everyone can enjoy living well in a space that they love. With their online interior design service, the client works closely with a professional interior designer and for a low flat fee, they can help to redesign a room or an entire home, saving time and money.

Mood Interiors - Best Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

From onsite consultation to project management and final installation, Mood Interiors also provides onsite interior design services for those who need additional support with their interiors project. Their full-service design solutions include Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design and Styling, and Home Staging.

The Editor’s Choice

Letter S Graphic Lamp By DelightFull


Standing for summer, sleekness, and style, the Letter S Graphic Lamps stands to make an appearance in any home decor project. The energy of the neon pink-lit core creates a soothing lighting effect in a serene interior or exterior space. Handmade in aluminum and stainless steel the purple tone is mixed with the materials to create a one-of-a-kind lighting design. Available in a mini version, this marquee letter design is meant to be wall mounted or put on the floor, and it’s customizable on demand.


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