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01, Feb 2022 | Interior Design  

New Kids’ Hardware Collection By Circu X Pullcast

Kids' Hardware Collection

New Kids’ Hardware Collection By Circu X Pullcast

This hardware collection will be the best detail in your kids’ room!

Details are an essential part when we talk about creating a magical room, be it a pillow or the handles of the furniture. Thinking in that, Circu Magical Furniture in partnership with Pullcast creates a magical kids’ hardware collection that will make every room a dream come true! Join us and discover this magical collection!


Circu New Products 2022

Linckia Handle

PullCast’s Linckia Hardware family is once again extended to another collection but this time destined for a kids’ room. This uniquely shaped design was inspired by the awe-inspiring appearance of a starfish, and it easily becomes a fresh and fun-loving decor choice.

Lion Handle

Leo the lion is the king of the jungle. Shining with gold and strong as a roar, the Lion Handle will adorn every cabinet with its powerful paws. We can assure you that it will not bite anyone at your house.

Monkey Handle

The Itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the coconut tree, down came the coconut, and hit him on his knee! PullCast designed the Monkey Handle in gold and he jumped to your home! This playful monkey drawer handle is part of the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Penguin Handle


This little Penguin Handle comes from the snow, once white and black now turned to gold. Short and clumsy, this cute piece will make the best adorn in kids’ interior design.

Kids' Hardware Collection

Daisy Handle & Butterfly Handle on the Cloud Chest

Puppy Handle

Inspired by one of the friendliest breeds of dogs, the French Bulldog, the Puppy Drawer Handle is bound to add an extra whimsical layer of joy to any kids’ bedroom, becoming the final loyal touch of any interior design needs. The two-toned nature of this design is distinguished by the use of brass and enamel. This drawer handle belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection by Circu and PullCast.

Rocket Handle

Make your way to galaxies and stars, with our space Rocket Drawer Handle. When in the dark, this whimsical piece lights up, propelling neon colors that will allow for spectacular lighting effects. This cabinet handle belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Rugby Handle

The Rugby Drawer Handle is cool to play and will pitch your interior design game. Score a point with this great piece, create an epic interior detail. This cabinet pull belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Shark Handle

Swimming deep down below, high tides and wild waves, the Shark Handle will scare any fish away! Made of polished brass and crafted by the best, this cabinet handle is a masterpiece. We can assure you that it will not bite anyone at your house.

Turtle Handle

The Turtle Handle will carry your House wherever she goes! Inspired by turtles, design with love, this little Ninja will style up any kids’ room! Firstly, featured in PullCast’s Ocean collection, this drawer handle is now presented in its full form for the brand-new Kids series. This new version is great for educational purposes while also giving a nod to one of the most beloved comics in popular culture. This drawer handle was thoroughly designed in brass to represent every single detail found within a turtle’s shell.

Kids' Hardware Collection

Cloud Handle on the Fantasy Air Bookcase

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B-Ball Handle

Just like the sport, the detailed Basketball Drawer Handle is bound to give your interior design a hint of swish and splash and make your kid feel like a true baller star. This cabinet handle B-ball belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Bear Handle

The Bear Drawer Handle emulates the features of a brown bear found all across Euroasia and North America. PullCast’s team of designers reproduced this mammal into a hardware piece opting for a brass silhouette full of intricate details. This drawer handle showcases the strong and protective nature of a bear, which is animatedly known to enjoy the occasional honey pot.

Bunny Handle

Bunny Drawer Handle is a pure delight! Hop hop hopping to make the perfect design! Made with impeccable style, this piece will uplift any cabinet, this handle is part of the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Butterfly Handle

Over the garden, up so high, here comes our beautiful Drawer Handle Butterfly! Made by amazing craftsmen to inspire your designs, this lovely butterfly will make your dreams fly! This cabinet handle belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Kids' Hardware Collection

Rugby Handle on the Fantasy Air Nightstand

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Chimpanzee Handle

Chimpanzees play in the jungle, they are witty and smart. Get our Gold Chimpanzee Cabinet Pull and charm your kids’ room cabinets with wisdom and wise!

Cloud Handle

The Cloud Handle was designed to recreate the suspended particles in the atmosphere but with a more amusing character. Its asymmetrical shape is contoured by polished brass details that offer a dreamlike aesthetic to any furnishing. All in all, fluffy as cotton in the sky, this drawer handle will float seamlessly in any interior.

Crown Handle

For all the Kings and Queens that deserve a Crown, PullCast has created this magical drawer handle that will make kids dream of perfect reigns and foreign lands!

Daisy Handle

Daisy Drawer Handle is cute as a flower, with a delicate design that will make you stop and dream. Daisies represent true love, friendship, and cheerfulness, and just like that this fresh cabinet handle will make you smile.

Kids' Hardware Collection

Daisy Handle & Butterfly Handle on the Cloud Chest

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Donkey Handle

Little Donkey on the dusty road, once friends with Shrek, was turned to gold. Take it home and make it your own, he will guide your home décor.

Donut Handle

This sweet drawer handle will glaze up your interior design. The Donut Drawer Handle is sprinkled with joy and fantastic craftsmanship, a special piece that transforms your interior design. This delicious cabinet pull is part of the Kids’ Hardware Collection, but don’t eat it!

Elephant Handle

The Elephant Drawer Handle is an instant classic, just like its primary inspiration. It creates a peculiar contrast as the largest existing land animal is now reproduced into a petite hardware piece. From its trumpet to precious ears and detailed legs, Elephant is set to bring a high-spirited mood to any drawer.

Football Handle

Score a few extra points with the Football Drawer Handle, a design based on one of the world’s most beloved sports. Its complementary white and golden tones are bound to recreate a sense of glory. This drawer handle belongs to the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Gorilla Handle

A symbol of nobility and intelligence, Gorilla made its way to the city and PullCast turned into gold as a superhero hardware piece! This drawer handle is from the Kids’ Hardware Collection.

Kids' Hardware Collection

Bunny Handle on the Minelli Bookcase


What do you think about this Kids’ Hardware Collection? Let us know!

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