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16, Mar 2016 | Interior Design  

Sebastian Masuda brings chromatic craziness!

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Bringing his known psychedelic and kitsch style into interior design, japanese visual artist sebastian masuda has brought his ‘kawaii monster café‘ to the fashionable tokyo district of harajuku.
chromatic craziness
Sebastian Masuda
“Born in 1970. After working in the theater industry, he opened Sensational Kawaii-themed concept shop “6%DOKIDOKI” in Harajuku in 1995 as another way of expressing himself. He started his world tour “Harajuku Kawai Experience” in 2009, and contributed to the international recognition of Harajuku kawaii culture. As a pioneer of Harajuku Kawaii culture, he has also published a number of books and given lectures at a number of places and events.
As an art director, he has worked on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s headlining tours, Miyamoto Amon’s musical piece “The Wiz ~The Wonderful Wizard of Oz~”, Nippon TV series “PON!”, Roppongi Hills “Tenku no Christmas 2013” and other numerous art events and projects. Sebastian Masuda continues producing artwork relating to Harajuku Kawaii culture.”
chromatic craziness
Exploding with color, characters and craziness, the recently opened concept café is divided into four zones, each embellished with its own theme and experience.
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chromatic craziness Sebastian Masuda brings chromatic craziness!
Adorned with over-the-top decorations ranging from oversized baby bottle light fixtures, melting macaron towers to a merry-go-round shaped like a cake, visitors can taste the menu which includes ‘poison’ parfait, rainbow pasta and monster BLT, all the while being served by an equally eye-catching ‘monster girl’.
Sebastian Masuda brings chromatic craziness! Sebastian Masuda brings chromatic craziness!
In an age where unique experiences and picture perfect opportunities is key, this quirky, japanese restaurant no doubt qualifies for this.
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Source: Design Boom

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