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28, Feb 2023 | Girls Room,Interior Design  

Sweet Girly Bedroom In Partnership With Janice Lunes

Sweet Girly Bedroom In Partnership With Janice Lunes

Sweet Girly Bedroom In Partnership With Janice Lunes


All children should be involved in a nurturing ambiance filled with cozy and calm vibes, like their bedroom, the center of well-being. In this sensitive and sheltered corner of the house, Circu, in partnership with the designer Janice Lunes has a new girly bedroom. A sweet and irreverent room for girls as they smoothly transition into adolescence.



Sweet Girly Bedroom In Partnership With Janice Lunes


Indeed, the main statement piece in any bedroom is the bed. There is nothing better than the iconic Mr. Bunny, providing great comfort and relax in addition to its charismatic and inspiring personality. At its side, it awakens the organizational and functional part of the room in which Cloud 3 Drawers Chest suggests a distinctive design, but effective in its form and function, just like Tribeca Table Lamp, which in partnership with Boca do Lobo, delivers elegance and sumptuousness.


Mr. Bunny Bed

Cloud Chest 3 Drawers

Tribeca Table Lamp



Sweet Girly Bedroom In Partnership With Janice Lunes


Confirming the room´s disruptive personality, Laine Suspension Lamp by Delightfull and its light shades parade and illuminate the entire room, not forgetting the Letter J nightlight, an elegant and brilliant decorative item. The rest of the space conveys the play but also the study area. Colorful, organized, and well-lit, Bubble Gum Desk is its reference piece, with various compartments and storage options. On the other hand, Elephant and Bird Stool bring a true comfy feeling through unique animal-inspired seats, while Hanna Pendant Lamp, by Delightfull, is the ideal relief for the most stressful nights. It is also worth highlighting the presence of Sky TV Cabinet and its long extension. This piece can be used as a wardrobe or bookcase, turning the bedroom into a games room.



Laine Suspension Lamp

Bubble Gum Desk


Elephant Stool

Sky TV Cabinet

Once again, Circu brings the ideal combo of comfort and fun in this girly bedroom, without which the kids can not live.


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