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14, Jan 2021 | Interior Design  

Texas’ Finest – The Best Interior Designers in Dallas

Texas’ Finest – The Best Interior Designers in Dallas


More and more we see Dallas as being a major force behind the interior design movement of Texas, and even of the United States. Although all of Texas has been under an influence of major growth, the cities that were most affected by the renaissance of interior design were both Houston and Dallas. Now, let’s find out the top 20 interior designers and architects in Dallas.



Taron H.


A creative mind inside of Dallas, Taron H. is a known interior design of the city. From bespoke interiors to the more neutral ones, Taron tends to pour all of his ideas and creativity into his designs, leading to some great interiors that really showcase his individuality.


Linda Baker


A passionate lady with a big love for interior design. Linda Baker leads an interior design studio named the Baker Design Group, where she resides as the owner and interior designer. With a love for what she does, this lady is a guarantee to create interiors that are unlike any others.


Kim Armstrong


This awards winning interior designer leads a firm of the same name as hers: Kim Armstrong Interior Design. If you are looking for either bespoke, unique, or even functional interiors, look no further than Kim Armstrong.


Traci Connell


A lover of luxury and interiors, Traci Connell creates bespoke homes for all that want them. If luxury is what you are looking for, with a splash of the uber-wealthy and uniqueness, then Traci Connell is your go-to woman.


Barbara Gilbert


A highly decorated interior designer, Barbara Gilbert is known throughout Dallas for her innovative interiors and ideas. Her love for her work is outstanding and really shows how her ideas give a new breath of fresh air to all of her interiors.


Keti Abazi


Known for her work through Houzz, Keti Abazi is a perfect interior designer that deserves a lot of recognition. Although most people prefer function over form, Keti Abazi managed to create a perfect mix of the two, showcased in most of her designs.


Nicole Arnold


As the owner and interior designer of her own design studio, Nicole Arnold tends to focus on the fashion of interior design, with a tendency to favor fashion to both homes and businesses. As part of one of the most known in Dallas, Nicole Arnold really encapsulates what it means to create and design a home.


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Home Polish


A collection of various Dallas designers that focus on what is best for their clients. This amazing interior design collective creates bespoke interiors for all kinds of clients.


Kimberly Allen


Kimberly Allen created Kai Interior Design that specializes in both residential spaces as well as commercial spaces. The bespoke nature of this design firm is a truly unique experience.


Sherry Hayslip


Innovative designs are what drives Sherry Hayslip forwards, with a great rendition of what must be created off of the top of her head. This creative process is unique to Sherry, the one that loves to create interiors that could be seen as both bespoke and functional.


Allison Seidler


This award-winning interior designer is also an astonishing creator of residential projects all throughout the United States. If you are looking for a perfect mix between a great interior, with a focus on the products and the feeling of the home, Allison Seidler is for you.


Studio 11


With projects worldwide, Studio 11 is a perfect architecture and design firm that focuses on the most that an interior can give, with a love for the most beautiful and great.


Harwood International


Although not an interior designer, Harwood International is the major cause of the rapid development of Dallas as a major force in the interior design business. Even if they are not designers, they actually have some interior projects from Dallas.


Denise McGaha


A client-driven interior designer, Denise McGaha is known all throughout Texas for reinventing the traditional and classical style of interiors. From homes to hotels, there is nothing that this unique designer won’t tackle as a good chance to learn more about interiors.


Ten Plus Three


A big part of the design firm Ten Plus Three is to reinvent. The expectations of their clients must be surpassed and the feeling of passion must be felt in all of their designs. A strong feeling like this is what drives this design studio to create and complete truly unique designs.


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Emily Summers


Emily Summers is a known interior designer from Dallas, where she operates with her design firm named Emily Summers Design Associates. With various interior designs all throughout the United States, her careful process of creation leads to these interiors being perfect from photoshoots.


Cannon Design


This company is not only an architecture firm but also an engineering one. With passion and love for what they do, CannonDesign creates bespoke pieces of art that are more than dignified and of utmost importance for their clients.


DESIGN Duncan Miller Ullmann


A perfect mix between bespoke and casual. The addition of form and function is a perfect way to be inspired by the great designs of Duncan Miller Ullmann. This design firm is a sure-fire way to create designs that really hold the attention of others.


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