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22, Feb 2024 | Boy Rooms,Interior Design  

This Children’s Bedroom Is A Ride That Never Stops

This Children's Bedroom Is A Ride That Never Stops

This Children's Bedroom Is A Ride That Never Stops


For this children’s bedroom, Circu Magical Furniture started from the dream world of a boy and tried to make the room such that it takes a ride and never stops. Almost any unique product is the result of the eclecticism of many details and a sense of taste, so this interior is remembered as the loft and the classics but it’s still very contemporary, as it’s able to see from the white walls with moldings and warm lamps hanging next to the bed. Have a look!




Every teen wants privacy and a place where they can relax and forget about everything else that is going on in the world. This modern bedroom was carefully thought and decorated with the finest materials. The Cloud Bed is the main statement piece of this room, complemented by a velvet headboard, the Cloud Nightstand provides extra storage, and the Diana Table Lamp is a perfect friend for long night studies or reads.



Cloud Bed

Cloud Nightstand

Diana Table Lamp






On the other hand, the Puzzled Bookcase gives the children the storage and the space they need to develop new works and boost their creativity. Bookcases are like collectors of dreams. The only thing better than curling up with a good book? Having the perfect bookcase to cozy up with it.



Puzzled Bookcase






Sometimes putting your kids to sleep can be an arduous task – that’s why challenging duties demand magical design solutions. Circu Magical Furniture brings you the Bun Van Bed, which will make any energetic kid go to bed earlier. We should never underestimate the power of our imagination and this bed will surely make your dreams come true (once you’re asleep, of course)!



Bun Van Bed


What do you think about this children’s bedroom?



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