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08, Apr 2020 | Interior Design  

Yodezeen Architects’ Modern and Playful Kids Bedrooms

Yodezeen Architects’ Modern and Playful Kids Bedrooms


Yodezeen Architects is an incredible interior design and architecture firm based in Kyiv, London, LA and Miami that creates modern, minimalist and luxurious settings incredibly keen to the eye. The practice, founded by Artem Averev and Arthur Sharf, displays a wide and diverse portfolio impossible to stay indifferent to. The kids’ spaces they create follow the same philosophy –  stunning aesthetics with a unique sense of home.


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The core idea embedded in the studio’s philosophy is rather simple to understand: to create unique aesthetic solutions based on fast-paced project development which conjugates unique decorative notions with architecture principles. Even if you don’t have a primary idea of what you want, the Yodezeen team is there for you.



Their unique and personalized service allow you to mix and match elements from the exterior design of your home with the upcoming interiors. Regardless if you like modern or classic elements, abstract art or retro vibes, this interior architecture practice can deliver the project of your dreams. No tasks are too hard for them, and their portfolio doesn’t let them lie.



Their offices are based on practicality and functionality regardless of the design solutions either the clients or they have in mind. They transform boredom into excitement, dullness in fantasy and a house into a home.

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