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30, Abr 2021 | Interior Design  

Zen Interiors is one of Middle-East’s Best Interior Design Studios

Zen Interiors is one of Middle-East’s Best Interior Design Studios


Zen Interiors is an internationally operating and multiple award-winning interior design company based in Dubai that offers turn-key and bespoke design solutions for residential and commercial properties, from stylish penthouses to elegant family villas and luxury hotels. Today we are going to show you some of the best interior design projects of Zen Interiors.




Specializing in contemporary, timeless design, a Zen design is one that is lovingly created using superb craftsmanship and unswerving attention to detail. In October 2013 Zen Interiors received the “best penthouse design award” as well as “best villa design award” for the Middle East & Africa Region. The reason why their clients are happy with their service is that Zen customizes designs to suit their taste and bring their vision to life.



To date, Zen Interiors have completed more than 900 homes and has many more exciting high-end residential and hospitality projects lined up for the future across the UAE. They also have a growing portfolio of international clients from countries that include Kenya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Maldives, Seychelles, and India. After some renovations, Zen Interiors matched previous ranges of their furniture with their new range to suit this magnificent beach property.



Zen Interiors are prideful of themself on personalizing every project, giving each and every client professional, friendly service and a world-class design, whether their clients have a large budget for a designer, luxury finishes, or prefer a fast and efficient turnkey interior decoration service for their investment property.



Zen Interiors offers a niche, bespoke service that has the same attention-to-detail and a dedicated commitment to quality as international design houses, but with the important addition of the personal touch and a real passion for creating beautiful interiors.



Zen Interiors believes that clients deserve the smartest solutions. When it comes to creating stunning spaces, they offer an unbeatable combination of flexibilitydurability, and affordability. Zen team is passionate about superior products and professional services and aims to deliver perfect results – each time, and for every client. Just as we cater to specific stylestastesbudgets, and deadlines, you can count on their expertise and experience at all stages, from concept to creation and completion.


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