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29, Aug 2022 | Lifestyle  

Healthy Home Environments For Kids: Top 5 Tips

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

Healthy Home Environments For Kids: Top 5 Tips

Guest Post by: Adrianne Hunk

Children are natural observers – they pick various things from individuals around them and their environment. Thus, raising children in a stable and secure home environment is imperative.

The key to creating a thriving environment for kids is more than meeting the fundamental needs of food and shelter. An atmosphere of comfort, openness, and trust can lift a healthy kid who is ready to take on the world and its challenges.

Since children are naturally connected with parents, guardians, and caretakers, they play a massive role in their social, physical, and emotional development and prosperous future. The following are five helpful tips that can create a healthy home ambiance for growing kids.




Top Five Inexpensive Tips To Develop A Healthy Home Environment

1: Keep Toxic Substances Away

Parents are supposed to keep all the toxic materials away from kids’ access as they can affect their health. Numerous germs, chemicals, and toxic substances are available at home that is highly dangerous for kids, so it is necessary to keep infants away from such hazardous substances, particularly when they are in the crawling phase.

Keep training them side by side, so they may learn the severity of such objects.

Develop a routine of washing hands with antibacterial soap, and use a non-toxic cleaning product and fragrance-free detergents. Remember – the constant use of home fresheners is not suitable for human health, particularly for young kids, so reduce the use of air fresheners and other toxins. If your home is under construction, don’t let kids interact with the dust, noise, and other materials as it can cause allergies and make them exhausted and lethargic.

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

2: Keep Your Home Clean And Dust Free

A clean home casts a positive impact on everyone’s mood and personality, so try to keep your home clean and dust free all the time for your kids. The primary dust sources are open windows, doors, and the normal wear and tear of routine used products, so keep the windows off when there is a dust storm. 

Clean the dust with a vacuum or a damp cloth or wet mop, don’t use a dry cloth for cleaning as it will just circulate the dust from one place to another. It’s better to use a good-quality, wet mop to sweep away all the dust. Putting your shoes off at the door keeps your home less dusty. Wash all the foot mats twice a week and launder them in a separate area.

It is always good to clean your home and wash your quilts, blankets, covers, curtains, and carpets with a good quality product. 

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

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3: Avoid The Use Of Plastic

Plastic contains very harmful chemicals, so avoid using them in microwaves to prevent dangerous chemicals from foods and drinks. Store your food in ceramics, glass, or other user-friendly material rather than plastic. Make a habit of disposing of all the plastic wraps immediately. Using a non-plastic container while heating milk for your child is preferable.

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

4: Adopt A Healthy Drinking Habit

Eating meals with the family can boost children’s immunity and foster family relations. If your child is picky in eating food, offering the same meals for the whole family can be helpful. Just like food, kids’ water intake is also worth considering – it is essential to ensure that they drink clean and pure water. 

And for providing clean water, what could be more effective than an RO water filter that delivers pure and clean water by removing 97 percent of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful elements – pesticides, pharmaceuticals, lead, fluoride, arsenic, and much more? In addition, this filter system also improves the color, appearance, and odor of your water by removing chlorine substances.

You can easily install Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filters in your kitchen and get pure water for your child all day.

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

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5: Regularly Ventilate Your Home

Fresh air is significant for a baby’s health and mood. So, keep the home ventilated by opening the windows and doors daily for 15 minutes, especially in the room where kids sleep or spend most of their time. It will help the fresh air come inside!

Healthy Home Environments For Kids

The home environment directly impacts the kids’ health, studies, and lifestyle; hence, parents should be very cautious regarding all the activities occurring in their homes. Meanwhile, they should also keep an eye on their child’s activities. 

Parents should also try to keep all the hazardous chemicals and household cleaners out of the reach of children. A clean and healthy home environment makes the child happier, groomed, and well-grown.


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