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01, Mar 2018 | Lifestyle  

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick’s Day Party

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

We all love St. Patrick’s day, but most of the day’s celebrations are a wee bit too grown up for kids. Taking your kids to a parade is always a good option, but, what will you do after that? To steer the kids away from all that booze-filled commotion, your best option is to invite all of his/her friends and throw an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party! In this article, you’ll find some very cool ideas that your kids will absolutely love!

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Work On Your Little Leprechaun

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

Every St. Patrick’s Day Party need its own Leprechaun. And who’s better than your child to impersonate the Irish myth? Dress him up in a green shirt, some dark jeans and help him craft his own beard and hat. Kids love crafts, and nothing will make them happier than building their own costume.


Give Your Pets a Holiday Makeover

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

Is there anything more adorable than a pup with a wee leprechaun hat? Give your pet some cool green accessories, such as the hat, a green bowtie or even some shamrocks, and your kid will think that’s some magical creature visiting the house.


Build Leprechaun Traps

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

Keeping up with the crafts, this one will be a huge success. If you’re able to create a proper story behind leprechauns and how those little magical creatures are trying to steal your golden chocolate coins, your kid will be more motivated than ever to build a leprechaun trap! At the end of the day, you can even throw a stuffed toy inside the rap and your kid will be the happiest.


Shamrock Balloons Everywhere!



Hang them on the walls, on the trees, from the ceiling… Put them everywhere! you can also attach them to strings or thin sticks and give it around to the kids to play with them!




An Ireland-Themed Candy Table

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party
Green, green everywhere! Ireland’s known for the beautiful green landscapes scattered all across the country, so we have to bring it a bit to our party. With a green tablecloth, some green doughnuts and cupcakes, it will be the kid’s favourite place to hang!

A Not-So-Irish Menu

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

Well, we could go with some Irish food, but that’s quite a party food. So, go Italian, with an Irish twist, of course. All the kids love pizza, so if you want to keep the St. Patrick’s spirit alive, make your own pizza, but with spinach leaves impersonating shamrocks. Everyone will love it, and it will be a very healthy snack.


A Good Treasure Hunt

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party

The kids love egg hunts, but it’s a bit too early for that, isn’t it? Anyway, you can still have a treasure hunt, but, instead of eggs, the kids will go after gold chocolate coins! Activities as such build their teamwork skills and will make them closer to each other. If you’re short on your gold coins stash (perhaps because your little rascal of leprechaun already found them), go with little tubes filled with Skittles. They’ll love to taste the rainbow!

How to Throw your Kids a St. Patrick's Day Party



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