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30, Aug 2020 | Lifestyle  

Smart Renovations You Can Make In Your Kid’s Room

Smart Renovations You Can Make In Your Kid’s Room


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Prepared by Ashley Allen


Your child’s room can never be made too special. It’s the place, above all others, where he or she should feel comfortable, secure, and happy. Particularly with younger children, it should also be an environment that encourages learning and expression. Constructing such an environment can involve a fair amount of effort and creativity (and, like everything with your kids, a bit of money!). But thanks in large part to technology, there are a lot of fairly simple upgrades you can make these days that can turn the room into fun, interesting, and almost magical place.

In that vein, the following are some of the “smart” renovations and upgrades we’d recommend for your kid’s room.


Purchase a Google Home

Or really, any smart speaker or assistant. We’re using Google Home as an example because someone already went to the trouble of pointing out fun things kids can do with one of these devices (such as asking for jokes, playing “mad libs,” or simply asking Google to entertain you). But the truth is any of a number of smart home assistants can work similarly well in a kid’s room.


Smart Renovations You Can Make In Your Kid’s Room

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This technology, coupled with a child’s imagination, can effectively turn a room into an intelligent entity. Your kid will use it to play games, play music, learn fun facts, and so on — and maybe even control lighting, if you want to get that set up. Now, for a child, a Google Home is not exactly a cheap gift or appliance. But if you think of it more as an upgrade to the room, you might just be able to justify the cost. (We’ll also talk a little bit more about renovating a kid’s room on a budget with regard to another suggestion below!)


Get a Bed That Makes Itself


Actually, you don’t even need to get a new bed (though smart features aside, a fun bed or a bed with a theme is always a treat for a kid). Instead, you might just need to get a particular kind of duvet for your child.


Bubble Gum Bed

If you haven’t heard yet, here are now duvets that can make themselves. Granted, this might be somewhat counterproductive from a parenting standpoint. Ideally, you surely want to teach your kid to make the bed in the morning (and he or she will thank you for instilling the habit when there are roommates or significant others down the road). But for now, a smart duvet is an almost irresistibly cool upgrade for a kid’s room. It’s as simple as it sounds: The bed just makes itself.


Make the Walls Smart

You may have heard of a SMARTboard before. These are tech tools employed largely in classrooms, and while they can be designed differently, the idea is that they’re erasable whiteboards with digital components. You can draw on a SMARTboard, have the image captured and saved digitally, and then wipe the board clean. And now, there are companies that will turn entire walls into SMARTboards. This is mostly useful in business (you can just imagine tech startups with scribblings all over the walls), but it could also be a dream come true for a kid’s room.


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Magical Mirror


Set Up an E-Reader

It’s well known that the creation of a reading corner (or a general creativity corner) can be an excellent way to elevate your kid’s room and inspire some intellectual stimulation. Plus, it will be a space your kid learns to truly enjoy! You can go about this renovation any way you like, but we presented some helpful tips in our past look at decorating tips for a reading nook. From DIY bookshelves to day beds or ottomans arranged to benefit from natural light, to overhead coverings to create a “book fort” atmosphere, there are all kinds of interesting ways to go about this idea.


A reading spot with the Fantasy Air Balloon


To add a smart component to this sort of upgrade though, we’re recommending you set up a space on a bookshelf where an e-reader can charge and be accessed. For particularly young children, physical books are generally preferred, and you should certainly have plenty of them in any reading nook. As your kid grows up though, he or he may want to explore more reading interests, and you can provide a virtually limitless library through an e-reader. (Just make sure they can’t go on shopping sprees without your input!)

Install a Connected Clock

A connected clock, such as the “Glance Clock,” can be a whole lot of fun for a child. And it might just cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting or your kid to be ready for things, also! As such it can be an excellent addition to any “smart” bedroom.


What we’re referring to is essentially a clock that can pair with apps and calendars and adjust its display. In doing so, it can tell your kid what it’s actually time for, rather than what time it is. For example, you can set a clock like this to alert your kid that it’s “time for dinner” at precise times every night, rather than telling your kid to come to dinner at a given time. It’s a subtle difference, but one that can help, and one the child might actually have some fun with.

Truth be told, you can fill out this list with all sorts of additional creative ideas. Your kid’s preferences should be considered, as should your own thoughts regarding the various available technologies. But hopefully these ideas can help get you thinking about how to smartly and creatively upgrade your child’s room.


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