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15, Dec 2021 | Lifestyle  

Studia 54 Creates Unique and Glamorous Kids Spaces


Studia 54 Creates Unique and Glamorous Kids Spaces

Amazing kids’ room projects by an amazing Russian interior design studio!

Studia 54 is a Russian-Based interior design studio that takes the client’s lifestyle very seriously. Glamour is one of the best keywords to adjectivize the studio’s work, as their projects transpire with elegance and timelessness. The classical luxury approach is what keeps the clients faithful to the studio, as it is one of the most appreciated styles in Russia. Transport that same unique style to the kids’ spaces, and you got yourself the most elegant and glamorous combo.


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Studia 54 Yellow Nursery Room

Studia 54 yellow nursery

This magical nursery room looks absolutely adorable! The furniture chosen looks simple but luxurious, and the yellow armchair gives a special as also the decoration of the wall.

The Editor’s Choice

Milo-Baby Playground



Give more coziness to your nursery room with the Milo-Baby Playground by Circu, a piece inspired by the movie Atlantics and made to shape comfort and to keep your little ones safe and sound while he/she travels plays, and listen’s to her/his favorite story. This playground was made with soft materials and it’s big and comfortable enough for you to join in and read some stories with them.

orange baby playground

Studia 54 Neutral Nursery Room

Studia 54 neutral nursery

In neutral tones and some touches of blue, this nursery room has an adorable design! The grey pattern rug gives more comfort to the space, as also the puffs.

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Studia 54 Kids’ Play Area

Studia 54 kids' play area

This play area for kids’ it’s absolutely amazing! The yellow and blue tones give a fun look to the space, which combines perfectly with the kids’ furniture chosen.

Studia 54 Girls’ Room

Studia 54 neutral girls' room

This girls’ room has an absolutely adorable and luxurious look! The neutral tones combined with the colorful and gold touches make this girls’ room look like a fairy tale!

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Studia 54 Kids’ Bunk Bed

Studia 54 kids' bunk bed

This luxury kids’ room with a modern and minimalist combines an amazing bunk bed with the sleeping area on the top floor and a play area on the floor!

The Editor’s Choice

Illusion Table


The Illusion Table will bring touch magic to the children’s playroom decor. This creative kids’ table gives the illusion of being suspended on the air by its translucid acrylic legs. Besides being a place where kids can play and study, the surface of the table also allows kids to draw with chalk or you can rotate to its white base and paint it just like in a board with pens. It also features a pencil cup where kids can store and organize their paint and study supplies.

black kids table

Magical Market Playroom

Studia 54 Teen Girls’ Room

Studia 54 pink teen girl room


Studia 54 Teen Girls’ Room

Studia 54 orange teen girl room

With the bold choice of orange for the bed and the textured pattern on the wall, this teen girls’ room looks modern and stylish!

The Editor’s Choice

Sophia Bed


Sophia Bed is the perfect piece of decoration to create a charming and fun environment in a teen bedroom. Sophia is a mid-century styled panel bed, with bonded velvet on the headboard and footboard, perfect for any bedroom. Expertly stitched and accented with tufted brass buttons on both sides, proving the high-quality of this stunning luxury bed.

green kids' bed


Hope you liked these Studia 54 bedroom ideas!

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