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09, Mar 2016 | Playtime  

Amazing Doll’s House Coffee Table Design

Always looking for novelties and great inspirations, Circu would like to present you the stunning Doll’s House. A great furniture idea for a modern family or just for those that love a modern design decoration at the living room.
Amazing Doll’s House Coffee Table Design
Let the kids playtime begin!
The geometric and creative design of the coffee table sits beautifully in any modern living room. Grooves in the table take sliding panels that can be made to complement your room interior. The walls are available in wood and perspex.
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Amazing Doll’s House Coffee Table Design
It transforms into a dolls house by sliding in walls with room interiors, windows and doors engraved, cut or printed onto them. Each coffee table comes with a set of walls that allow the owner to use the coffee table for either purpose.
Amazing Doll’s House Coffee Table Design
It’s also possible to turn the coffee table design into a multi media centre by sliding the iPad into the grooves; they will hold the iPad safely while parents and child watch and play!
Amazing Doll’s House Coffee Table Design
How do you feel about this amazing and creative design? Do you have a project in mind when it would fit perfectly? Please tell us your opinion at the Comment Section bellow!

“QUBIS HAUS is a dual purpose coffee table that can either be a modern coffee table with interchangeable compartments or a dolls house, with the simple addition of sliding panels made from wood and perspex, enabling the ‘designer’ to create different compartment/room layouts.

The table is made in solid birch plywood and has clean modern lines making it a beautiful piece of living room furniture as well as a centre for children to play.

The table can live permanently in the living room (shared space) so the children (or adults) can play with it whenever they want.”  by qubisdesign.com

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