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08, Jan 2016 | Toys  

Ugears DIY mechanical models

What kid dosn’t love to build things? Inspired in this, Ugears developed a few products to give an unforgettable time to parents and theirs kids, allowing them to work together on things that are popular for all ages. They developed this brand to help connect the hearts of fathers and kids. And as a result – to get a revived mechanical marvel.
Ugears is a series of 11 new mechnical models, built from wooden pieces that spring to life with the help of rubber band engines, cranks, or with the assistance of gravity.
Similar to balsa wood insects, the laser-cut pieces assemble like a puzzle without need for glue or adhesives.
The most impressive design is an elaborate 480-piece steam locomotive that’s 12″ long and propels itself up and down a provided track with an internal engine. It was designed by Kiev-based Ukrainian Gears and all of the models seen here are currently funding on Kickstarter for another 6 days.
So, let’s have some fun?
Source: Colossal 

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