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15, May 2019 | Inspirations  

Fabinteriors Is one of the Best Interior Design Firms in India

Fabinteriors Is one of the Best Interior Design Firms in India


For more than four decades, Fabinteriors has been known as the pioneers in the interior design world. Established in 1976, they are leaders in innovative interior designing consulting services. The studio has transformed mundane constructions into exceptionally designed homes, institutes, hotels, resorts, restaurants and every imaginable commercial and residential space interiors that truly lives up to their client’s reputations all over India and abroad.


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Indiabulls Sky, Mumbai – April 2015. Credits: Fabinteriors


Their motto of considering the projects as a personal reflection of their client’s vision and personality has only pushed their results beyond their expectations. Through their unique and personalized approach, they have created experiences that set industry benchmarks in their respective domains. Their dedication and sincere approach have made us the most trusted partner for their clients. Headquartered in Chattarpur area in Delhi, they aspire to attain the new epitomes in interior designs. Their constant and tireless efforts to each time improve in their initiatives has been our forte and they always wish to dedicatedly pursue their mission and have the world dotted with the fragrance of their creation.


Credits: Fabinteriors


A house is an abode for members of different age, taste, style and most important requirements. Every member has their own needs and motivations. One member might want a bright playful space which could highlight their creative appetite. On the other hand, another member would want a peaceful cosy corner where they would simply lie down and read their favourite book. That’s why designing a home is not the job of a corporation that puts standardized interiors in every room without having an understanding of the needs of individuals of a family and lacks the will to go beyond the call of duty.


Credits: Fabinteriors

Indiabulls Sky, Mumbai – April 2015. Credits: Fabinteriors


While many interior designers claim that they understand and are in sync with their clients, Fabinteriors like to know you before they even start thinking about the design aspect. At the very onset, their specialists get on a one to one with you, understand your needs and mutually decide the requirements. This enables them to recognize what you truly need in a house. Having a personal approach with their clients ensures that the final outcome is better suited for both the residents and the location.


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